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– Windows 10 1703 download iso itasca stater

Peripheral System Division. The results show that ghost artifacts are negligible for the LISA method. Lymph node motion during DIBH originated from cardiac motion. Bromley Mary Grover Martha E. Qunie is a ivgistervd trademark of Qume Corporation. INGRES has been designed from top to bottom to support developers of performance- critical applications. Regional Sales Manager.❿

Windows 10 1703 download iso itasca stater.


We conclude that the incorporation of end-tidal CO2 monitoring into scanning enables robust, repeatable. Do elite breath-hold divers suffer from mild short-term memory impairments? Repeated apneas are associated with severe hypoxemia that may ultimately lead to loss of consciousness in some breath-hold divers.

Despite increasing number of practitioners, the relationship between apnea-induced hypoxia and neurocognitive functions is still poorly understood in the sport of free diving. To shed light onto this phenomenon, we examined the impact of long-term breath-hold diving training on attentional processing, short-term memory, and long-term mnesic and executive functions. Thirty-six men matched for age, height, and weight were separated into the following 3 groups: i 12 elite breath-hold divers EBHD , mean static apnea best time s, months mean apnea experience; ii 12 novice breath-hold divers, mean best time s, 8.

We used breath-holding during inspiration as a model to study the effect of pulmonary stretch on sympathetic nerve activity. Prolonged dry apnoea: effects on brain activity and physiological functions in breath-hold divers and non-divers.

The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of voluntary breath-holding on brain activity and physiological functions. We hypothesised that prolonged apnoea would trigger cerebral hypoxia, resulting in a decrease of brain performance; and the apnoea’s effects would be more pronounced in breath-hold divers. Trained breath-hold divers and non-divers performed maximal dry breath-holdings. Lung volume, alveolar partial pressures of O2 and CO2, attention and anxiety levels were estimated.

Heart rate, blood pressure, arterial blood oxygenation, brain tissue oxygenation, EEG, and DC potential were monitored continuously during breath-holding.

There were a few significant changes in electrical brain activity caused by prolonged apnoea. Brain tissue oxygenation index and DC potential were relatively stable up to the end of the apnoea in breath-hold divers and non-divers. We also did not observe any decrease of attention level or speed of processing immediately after breath-holding. Interestingly, trained breath-hold divers had some peculiarities in EEG activity at resting state before any breath-holding : non-spindled, sharpened alpha rhythm; slowed-down alpha with the frequency nearer to the theta band; and untypical spatial pattern of alpha activity.

Our findings contradicted the primary hypothesis. Apnoea up to 5 min does not lead to notable cerebral hypoxia or a decrease of brain performance in either breath-hold divers or non-divers.

It seems to be the result of the compensatory mechanisms similar to the diving response aimed at centralising blood circulation and reducing peripheral O2 uptake. Adaptive changes during apnoea are much more prominent in trained breath-hold divers. Optimization of single shot 3D breath-hold non-enhanced MR angiography of the renal arteries.

Cardiac and navigator-gated, inversion-prepared non-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography techniques can accurately depict the renal arteries without the need for contrast administration. However, the scan time and effectiveness of navigator-gated techniques depend on the subject respiratory pattern, which at times results in excessively prolonged scan times or suboptimal image quality.

A single-shot 3D magnetization-prepared steady-state free precession technique was implemented to allow the full extent of the renal arteries to be depicted within a single breath-hold. Technical optimization of the breath-hold technique was performed with fourteen healthy volunteers. An alternative magnetization preparation scheme was tested to maximize inflow signal.

Quantitative and qualitative comparisons were made between the breath-hold technique and the clinically accepted navigator-gated technique in both volunteers and patients on a 1. The breath-hold technique provided an average of seven fold reduction in imaging time, without significant loss of image quality. Comparable single-to-noise and contrast-to-noise ratios of intra- and extra-renal arteries were found between the breath-hold and the navigator-gated techniques in volunteers.

Furthermore, the breath-hold technique demonstrated good image quality for diagnostic purposes in a small number of patients in a pilot study. The single-shot, breath-hold technique offers an alternative to navigator-gated methods for non-enhanced renal magnetic resonance angiography. The initial results suggest a potential supplementary clinical role for the breath-hold technique in the evaluation of suspected renal artery diseases.

Glide-Hurst, Carri K. Purpose: To evaluate intra- and interfraction variability of tumor and lung volume and position using a hybrid active breath-hold gating technique.

Methods and Materials: A total of repeat normal inspiration active breath-hold CTs were acquired weekly during radiotherapy for 9 lung cancer patients scans per patient. A physician delineated the gross tumor volume GTV , lungs, and spinal cord on the first breath-hold CT, and contours were propagated semiautomatically.

Intra- and interfraction variability of tumor and lung position and volume were evaluated. Tumor centroid and border variability were quantified. Results: On average, intrafraction variability of lung and GTV centroidmore » position was 0. Increases in free-breathing tidal volume were associated with increases in breath-hold ipsilateral lung volume p breath-hold technique was reproducible within 2 mm during each fraction.

Interfraction variability of GTV position and shape was substantial because of tumor volume and breath-hold lung volume change during therapy. These results support the feasibility of a hybrid breath-hold gating technique and suggest that online image guidance would be beneficial. Underwater study of arterial blood pressure in breath-hold divers. Knowledge regarding arterial blood pressure ABP values during breath-hold diving is scanty. It derives from a few reports of measurements performed at the water’s surface, showing slight or no increase in ABP, and from a single study of two simulated deep breath-hold dives in a hyperbaric chamber.

Simulated dives showed an increase in ABP to values considered life threatening by standard clinical criteria. For the first time, using a novel noninvasive subaquatic sphygmomanometer, we successfully measured ABP in 10 healthy elite breath-hold divers at a depth of 10 m of freshwater mfw.

ABP was measured in dry conditions, at the surface head-out immersion , and twice at a depth of 10 mfw. Underwater measurements of ABP were obtained in all subjects. Each measurement lasted s and was accomplished without any complications or diver discomfort. No significant statistical differences were found when blood pressure measurements at the water surface were compared with breath-hold diving conditions at a depth of 10 mfw. However, our results cannot be extended over environmental conditions different from those of the present study.

Harouni, Ahmed A. Purpose An external driver-free MRI method for assessment of liver fibrosis offers a promising non-invasive tool for diagnosis and monitoring of liver disease. However, MR tagging requires multiple breath-hold acquisitions and substantial post-processing. Additionally, a new method is introduced to measure heart-induced shear wave velocity SWV inside the liver.

Methods Phantom and in-vivo experiments 11 healthy subjects, and 11 patients with liver fibrosis were conducted. Reproducibility experiments were performed in seven healthy subjects.

Results Peak liver strain Sp significantly decreased in fibrotic liver compared healthy liver 6. The two measures significantly separate healthy subjects from patients with fibrotic liver. Purpose: To evaluate the feasibility of 3D single breath-hold late gadolinium enhancement LGE of the left ventricle LV using supplemental oxygen and hyperventilation and compressed-sensing acceleration. Semi-quantitative grading of overall image quality, motion artifact, myocardial nulling, and diagnostic value was performed by consensus of two blinded observers.

Velocity encoding with the slice select refocusing gradient for faster imaging and reduced chemical shift-induced phase errors. To investigate a novel phase-contrast MRI velocity-encoding technique for faster imaging and reduced chemical shift-induced phase errors. Velocity encoding with the slice select refocusing gradient achieves the target gradient moment by time shifting the refocusing gradient, which enables the use of the minimum in-phase echo time TE for faster imaging and reduced chemical shift-induced phase errors.

Improved net forward flow agreement was measured across all vessels for slice select refocused gradient compared to flow compensated and flow encoded : aAo vs. To evaluate the feasibility of three-dimensional 3D single breath-hold late gadolinium enhancement LGE of the left ventricle LV using supplemental oxygen and hyperventilation and compressed-sensing acceleration.

Semiquantitative grading of overall image quality, motion artifact, myocardial nulling, and diagnostic value was performed by consensus of two blinded observers. Dosimetric comparison of moderate deep inspiration breath-hold and free-breathing intensity-modulated radiotherapy for left-sided breast cancer.

This study determined the dosimetric comparison of moderate deep inspiration breath-hold using active breathing control and free-breathing intensity-modulated radiotherapy IMRT after breast-conserving surgery for left-sided breast cancer. Thirty-one patients were enrolled. One free breathe and two moderate deep inspiration breath-hold images were obtained. A field-in-field-IMRT free-breathing plan and two field-in-field-IMRT moderate deep inspiration breath-holding plans were compared in the dosimetry to target volume coverage of the glandular breast tissue and organs at risks for each patient.

The breath-holding time under moderate deep inspiration extended significantly after breathing training P breath-holding in the target volume coverage. The volume of the ipsilateral lung in the free-breathing technique were significantly smaller than the moderate deep inspiration breath-holding techniques P breath-holding plans.

The dose to ipsilateral lung, coronary artery and heart in the field-in-field-IMRT were significantly lower for the free-breathing plan than for the two moderate deep inspiration breath-holding plans all P breath-holding plans.

The whole-breast field-in-field-IMRT under moderate deep inspiration breath-hold with active breathing control after breast-conserving surgery in left-sided breast cancer can reduce the irradiation volume and dose to organs at risks.

There are no significant differences between various moderate deep inspiration breath-holding states in the dosimetry of irradiation to the field-in-field-IMRT target volume. Asystole and increased serum myoglobin levels associated with ‘packing blackout’ in a competitive breath-hold diver.

Many competitive breath-hold divers use ‘glossopharyngeal insufflation’, also called ‘lung packing’, to overfill their lungs above normal total lung capacity. This increases intrathoracic pressure, decreases venous return, compromises cardiac pumping, and reduces arterial blood pressure, possibly resulting in a syncope breath-hold divers call ‘packing blackout’.

We report a case with a breath-hold diver who inadvertently experienced a packing blackout. During the incident, an electrocardiogram ECG and blood pressure were recorded, and blood samples for determinations of biomarkers of cardiac muscle perturbation creatine kinase-MB isoenzyme CK-MB , cardiac troponin-T TnT , and myoglobin were collected. The ECG revealed short periods of asystole during the period of ‘packing blackout’, simultaneous with pronounced reductions in systolic, diastolic, and pulse pressures.

Serum myoglobin concentration was elevated 40 and min after the incident, whereas there were no changes in CK-MB or TnT. The ultimate cause of syncope in this diver probably was a decrease in cerebral perfusion following glossopharyngeal insufflation. The asystolic periods recorded in this diver could possibly indicate that susceptible individuals may be put at risk of a serious cardiac incident if the lungs are excessively overinflated by glossopharyngeal insufflation.

This concern is further substantiated by the observed increase in serum myoglobin concentration after the event. Paced respiration with end-expiration technique offers superior BOLD signal repeatability for breath-hold studies.

As a simple, non-invasive method of blood oxygenation level-dependent BOLD signal calibration, the breath-hold task offers considerable potential for the quantification of neuronal activity from functional magnetic resonance imaging fMRI measurements.

With an aim to improve the precision of this calibration method, the impact of respiratory rate control on the BOLD signal achieved with the breath-hold task was investigated. In addition to self-paced breathing, three different computer-paced breathing rates were imposed during the periods between end-expiration breath-hold blocks. The resulting BOLD signal timecourses and statistical activation maps were compared in eleven healthy human subjects. Results indicate that computer-paced respiration produces a larger peak BOLD signal increase with breath-hold than self-paced breathing, in addition to lower variability between trials.

This is due to the more significant post-breath-hold signal undershoot present in self-paced runs, a characteristic which confounds the definition of baseline and is difficult to accurately model. Interestingly, the specific respiratory rate imposed between breath-hold periods generally does not have a statistically significant impact on the BOLD signal change. This result can be explained by previous reports of humans adjusting their inhalation depth to compensate for changes in rate, with the end-goal of maintaining homeostatic ventilation.

The advantage of using end-expiration relative to end-inspiration breath-hold is apparent in view of the high repeatability of the BOLD signal in the present study, which does not suffer from the previously reported high variability associated with uncontrolled inspiration depth when using the end-inspiration technique. The aim of this study was to assess the validity and accuracy of a commercial linear encoder Musclelab, Ergotest, Norway to estimate Bench press 1 repetition maximum 1RM from the force – velocity relationship.

Twenty seven physical education students and teachers 5 women and 22 men with a heterogeneous history of strength training participated in this study. They performed a 1 RM test and a force – velocity test using a Bench press lifting task in a random order.

Mean 1 RM was Additional studies are required to determine whether accuracy is affected by age, sex or initial level. Key pointsSome commercial devices allow to estimate 1 RM from the force- velocity relationship.

These estimations are valid. However, their accuracy is not high enough to be of practical help for training intensity prescription. Day-to-day reliability of force and velocity measured by the linear encoder has been shown to be very high, but the specific reliability of 1 RM estimated from the force- velocity relationship has to be determined before concluding to the usefulness of this approach in the monitoring of training induced adaptations.

Key points Some commercial devices allow to estimate 1 RM from the force- velocity relationship. Breath-hold device for laboratory rodents undergoing imaging procedures. The increased use in noninvasive imaging of laboratory rodents has prompted innovative techniques in animal handling. Lung imaging of rodents can be a difficult task because of tissue motion caused by breathing, which affects image quality.

The use of a prototype flat-panel computed tomography unit allows the acquisition of images in as little as 2, 4, or 8 s. This short acquisition time has allowed us to improve the image quality of this instrument by performing a breath-hold during image acquisition.

We designed an inexpensive and safe method for performing a constant-pressure breath-hold in intubated rodents. Initially a prototypic manual 3-way valve system, consisting of a 3-way valve, an air pressure regulator, and a manometer, was used to manually toggle between the ventilator and the constant-pressure breath-hold equipment.

The success of the manual 3-way valve system prompted the design of an electronically actuated valve system. In the electronic system, the manual 3-way valve was replaced with a custom designed 3-way valve operated by an electrical solenoid. The electrical solenoid is triggered by using a hand-held push button or a foot pedal that is several feet away from the gantry of the scanner. This system has provided improved image quality and is safe for the animals, easy to use, and reliable.

Premotor neurons encode torsional eye velocity during smooth-pursuit eye movements. Responses to horizontal and vertical ocular pursuit and head and body rotation in multiple planes were recorded in eye movement-sensitive neurons in the rostral vestibular nuclei VN of two rhesus monkeys. When tested during pursuit through primary eye position, the majority of the cells preferred either horizontal or vertical target motion. During pursuit of targets that moved horizontally at different vertical eccentricities or vertically at different horizontal eccentricities, eye angular velocity has been shown to include a torsional component the amplitude of which is proportional to half the gaze angle “half-angle rule” of Listing’s law.

Multiple linear regression analysis revealed a significant contribution of torsional eye movement sensitivity to the responsiveness of the cells. These findings suggest that many VN neurons encode three-dimensional angular velocity , rather than the two-dimensional derivative of eye position, during smooth-pursuit eye movements.

Although no clear clustering of pursuit preferred-direction vectors along the semicircular canal axes was observed, the sensitivity of VN neurons to torsional eye movements might reflect a preservation of similar premotor coding of visual and vestibular-driven slow eye movements for both lateral-eyed and foveate species. Purpose: To study the oxygen saturation SO2 and breath-holding time variation applied active breathing control ABC in radiotherapy of tumor.

And the patient monitor was used to observe the oxygen saturation SO2 variation. The variation of SO2, and length of breath-holding time and the time for recovering to the initial value of SO2 were recorded and analyzed.

And the breath-holding time shortened obviously for patients whose SO2 did not recover to normal. It is necessary to check the SO2 variation in breath training, and enough time should be given to recover SO2. We describe a clinical case study surrounding the behavioral assessment and operant treatment of, an adult with severe mental retardation who engaged in chronic breath-holding. In this clinical case, previous neurological and medical testing had ruled out biological bases for the individual’s breath-holding.

A functional behavioral assessment…. Agreement and repeatability of vascular reactivity estimates based on a breath-hold task and a resting state scan. By complementing a task-related BOLD acquisition with a vascular reactivity measure obtained through breath-holding or hypercapnia, this unwanted variance can be statistically reduced in the BOLD responses of interest.

Recently, it has been suggested that vascular reactivity can also be estimated using a resting state scan. This study aimed to compare three breath-hold based analysis approaches block design, sine—cosine regressor and CO2 regressor and a resting state approach CO2 regressor to measure vascular reactivity. We tested BOLD variance explained by the model and repeatability of the measures. Fifteen healthy participants underwent a breath-hold task and a resting state scan with end-tidal CO2 being recorded during both.

Maps and regional vascular reactivity estimates showed high repeatability when the breath-hold task was used. Repeatability and variance explained by the CO2 trace regressor were lower for the resting state data based approach, which resulted in highly variable measures of vascular reactivity.

We conclude that breath-hold based vascular reactivity estimations are more repeatable than resting-based estimates, and that there are limitations with replacing breath-hold scans by resting state scans for vascular reactivity assessment. Both CO 2 inhalation followed by hyperventilation and breath-holding have been utilized to measure cerebral vasomotor reactivity VMR but their correlation has been poorly studied and understood. A retrospective study was conducted in subjects The mean BHI was 0.

Move dish and sample into the cell culture This study aimed to compare three breath-hold based analysis approaches block design, sine-cosine regressor and CO2 regressor and a resting state approach CO2 regressor to measure vascular reactivity. Published by Elsevier Inc.

Boson sampling is a problem strongly believed to be intractable for classical computers, but can be naturally solved on a specialized photonic quantum simulator. The protocol requires only one single-photon source, two detectors, and a loop-based interferometer for an arbitrary number of photons.

The single-photon pulse train is time-bin encoded and deterministically injected into an electrically programmable multimode network. The observed three- and four-photon boson sampling rates are Volumetric velocity measurements in restricted geometries using spiral sampling : a phantom study. The aim of this study was to evaluate the accuracy of maximum velocity measurements using volumetric phase-contrast imaging with spiral readouts in a stenotic flow phantom.

In a phantom model, maximum velocity , flow, pressure gradient, and streamline visualizations were evaluated using volumetric phase-contrast magnetic resonance imaging MRI with velocity encoding in one extending on current clinical practice and three directions for characterization of the flow field using spiral readouts.

Results of maximum velocity and pressure drop were compared to computational fluid dynamics CFD simulations, as well as corresponding low-echo-time TE Cartesian data.

Flow was compared to 2D through-plane phase contrast PC upstream from the restriction. Results obtained with 3D through-plane PC as well as 4D PC at shortest TE using a spiral readout showed excellent agreements with the maximum velocity values obtained with CFD velocity location, as well as the accurate velocity quantification can be obtained in stenotic regions using short-TE spiral volumetric PC imaging.

Marijuana smoking: effects of varying puff volume and breathhold duration. Two studies were conducted to quantify biological and behavioral effects resulting from exposure to controlled doses of marijuana smoke. Each study also varied levels of delta 9-tetrahydro-cannabinol marijuana cigarette content 1. Subjects smoked 10 puffs in each of six sessions; a seventh, nonsmoking session all measures recorded at the same times as in active smoking sessions served as a control.

Variations in puff volume produced significant dose-related changes in postsmoking plasma delta 9-tetrahydro-cannabinol levels, carbon monoxide boost and subjective effects e. In contrast, breathholding for 10 or 20 sec versus 0 sec increased plasma delta 9-tetrahydro-cannabinol levels but not CO boost or subjective effects.

Task performance measures were not reliably influenced by marijuana smoke exposure within the dosing ranges examined.

These findings confirm the utility of the controlled smoking technology, support the notion that cumulative puff volume systematically influences biological exposure and subjective effects, but cast doubt on the common belief that prolonged breathholding of marijuana smoke enhances classical subjective effects associated with its reinforcing value in humans.

Zhang, Ziheng; Dione, Donald P. A novel MR imaging technique, spatial modulation of magnetization with polarity alternating velocity encoding SPAMM-PAV , is presented to simultaneously examine the left ventricular early diastolic temporal relationships between myocardial deformation and intra-cavity hemodynamics with a high temporal resolution of 14 ms.

This approach is initially evaluated in a dynamic flow and tissue mimicking phantom. A comparison of regional longitudinal strains and intra-cavity pressure differences integration of computed in-plane pressure gradients within a selected region in relation to mitral valve inflow velocities is performed in eight normal volunteers. Our results demonstrate that apical regions have higher strain rates 0. This pattern is reversed during the deceleration period, when the strain-rates in the basal regions are the highest 0.

A positive base-to-apex gradient in peak pressure difference is observed during acceleration, followed by a negative base-to apex gradient during deceleration.

These studies shed insight into the regional volumetric and pressure difference changes in the left ventricle during early diastolic filling. Breast tumor hemodynamic response during a breath-hold as a biomarker to predict chemotherapeutic efficacy: preclinical study. Therefore, it requires a perturbation of physiological signals, such as blood flow and oxygenation.

In that sense, a few groups reported that monitoring a relative hemodynamic change during a breast tissue compression or a breath-hold to a patient can provide good contrast between tumor and nontumor. However, no longitudinal study reports the utilization of a breath-hold to predict tumor response during chemotherapy. A continuous wave near-infrared spectroscopy was employed to monitor hemodynamics in rat breast tumor during a hyperoxic to normoxic inhalational gas intervention to mimic a breath-hold during tumor growth and chemotherapy.

The reduced oxyhemoglobin concentration during inhalational gas intervention correlated well with tumor growth, and it responded one day earlier than the change of tumor volume after chemotherapy. In conclusion, monitoring tumor hemodynamics during a breath-hold may serve as a biomarker to predict chemotherapeutic efficacy of tumor.

Left ventricle changes early after breath-holding in deep water in elite apnea divers. To study by ultrasounds cardiac morphology and function early after breath-hold diving in deep water in elite athletes. Each subject performed a series of three consecutive breath-hold dives and 40 m depth. End-diastolic left ventricular LV diameter EDD and end-diastolic LV volume EDV increased significantly p breath-hold diving due to favorable changes in loading conditions relative to pre-diving, namely the recruitment of left ventricular preload reserve and the reduction in afterload.

Dark chocolate reduces endothelial dysfunction after successive breath-hold dives in cool water. The aim of this study is to observe the effects of dark chocolate on endothelial function after a series of successive apnea dives in non-thermoneutral water.

Twenty breath-hold divers were divided into two groups: a control group 8 males and 2 females and a chocolate group 9 males and 1 female. The chocolate group performed the dives 1 h after ingestion of 30 g of dark chocolate. A significant decrease in FMD was observed in the control group after the dives No differences in digital photoplethysmography and peroxynitrites were observed between before and after the dives. Antioxidants contained in dark chocolate scavenge free radicals produced during breath-hold diving.

Ingestion of 30 g of dark chocolate 1 h before the dive can thus prevent endothelial dysfunction which can be observed after a series of breath-hold dives. Validation of high temporal resolution spiral phase velocity mapping of temporal patterns of left and right coronary artery blood flow against Doppler guidewire. Temporal patterns of coronary blood flow velocity can provide important information on disease state and are currently assessed invasively using a Doppler guidewire.

A non-invasive alternative would be beneficial as it would allow study of a wider patient population and serial scanning. A retrospectively-gated breath-hold spiral phase velocity mapping sequence TR 19 ms was developed at 3 Tesla.

Velocity maps were acquired in 8 proximal right and 15 proximal left coronary arteries of 18 subjects who had previously had a Doppler guidewire study at the time of coronary angiography. Cardiovascular magnetic resonance CMR velocity -time curves were processed semi-automatically and compared with corresponding invasive Doppler data.

High temporal resolution breath-hold spiral phase velocity mapping underestimates absolute values of coronary flow velocity but allows accurate assessment of the temporal patterns of blood flow. MR imaging of the human heart without explicit cardiac synchronization promises to extend the applicability of cardiac MR to a larger patient population and potentially expand its diagnostic capabilities.

However, conventional non-gated imaging techniques typically suffer from low image quality or inadequate spatio-temporal resolution and fidelity. Patient-Adaptive Reconstruction and Acquisition in Dynamic Imaging with Sensitivity Encoding PARADISE is a highly-accelerated non-gated dynamic imaging method that enables artifact-free imaging with high spatio-temporal resolutions by utilizing novel computational techniques to optimize the imaging process.

In addition to using parallel imaging, the method gains acceleration from a physiologically-driven spatio-temporal support model; hence, it is doubly accelerated. The support model is patient-adaptive, i. The proposed method is also doubly adaptive as it adapts both the acquisition and reconstruction schemes. Based on the theory of time-sequential sampling , the proposed framework explicitly accounts for speed limitations of gradient encoding and provides performance guarantees on achievable image quality.

Determination of ethane, pentane and isoprene in exhaled air–effects of breath-holding , flow rate and purified air. Exhaled ethane, pentane and isoprene have been proposed as biomarkers of oxidative stress. The objectives were to explore whether ethane, pentane and isoprene are produced within the airways and to explore the effect of different sampling parameters on analyte concentrations.

The flow dependency of the analyte concentrations, the concentrations in dead-space and alveolar air after breath-holding and the influence of inhaling purified air on analyte concentrations were investigated. The analytical method involved thermal desorption from sorbent tubes and gas chromatography.

The studied group comprised 13 subjects with clinically stable asthma and 14 healthy controls. After breath-holding , no significant changes in ethane levels were observed. Pentane and isoprene levels increased significantly after 20 s of breath-holding. Inhalation of purified air before exhalation resulted in a substantial decrease in ethane levels, a moderate decrease in pentane levels and an increase in isoprene levels.

The major fractions of exhaled ethane, pentane and isoprene seem to be of systemic origin. There was, however, a tendency for ethane to be flow rate dependent in asthmatic subjects, although to a very limited extent, suggesting that small amounts of ethane may be formed in the airways.

Double-blind, placebo-controlled trial on the effect of piracetam on breath-holding spells. Breath-holding spells BHS are apparently frightening events occurring in otherwise healthy children.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of piracetam in the treatment of breath-holding spells. Forty patients with BHS who were classified into two groups were involved in a double-blinded placebo-controlled prospective study. Piracetam was given to group A while group B received placebo. Patients were followed monthly for a total period of 4 months.

There was a significant decline of number of attacks after piracetam treatment compared to placebo p value breath-holding spells in children. Evaluation of correlation between physical properties and ultrasonic pulse velocity of fired clay samples. The aim of this study is to establish a correlation between physical properties and ultrasonic pulse velocity of clay samples fired at elevated temperatures.

Brick-making clay and pottery clay were studied for this purpose. A commercial ultrasonic testing instrument Proceq Pundit Lab was used to evaluate the ultrasonic pulse velocity measurements for each fired clay sample as a function of temperature. It was observed that there became a relationship between physical properties and ultrasonic pulse velocities of the samples.

The results showed that in consequence of increasing densification of the samples , the differences between the ultrasonic pulse velocities were higher with increasing temperature.

These findings may facilitate the use of ultrasonic pulse velocity for the estimation of physical properties of fired clay samples. In a series of breath-hold acquisitions, three-dimensional data were acquired initially for prospective image registration of subsequent BOLD measurements. Prospective image registration and BOLD imaging of each kidney was achieved within a total measurement time of about 17 s, enabling its execution within a single breath-hold. Magn Reson Med , Sensory neurons integrate information about the world, adapting their sampling to its changes.

However, little is understood mechanistically how this primary encoding process, which ultimately limits perception, depends upon stimulus statistics.

Here, we analyze this open question systematically by using intracellular recordings from fly Drosophila melanogaster and Coenosia attenuata photoreceptors and corresponding stochastic simulations from biophysically realistic photoreceptor models. Simulations reveal how a photoreceptor’s information capture depends critically upon the stochastic refractoriness of its 30, sampling units microvilli.

In daylight, refractoriness sacrifices sensitivity to enhance intensity changes in neural image representations, with more and faster microvilli improving encoding. But for GWN and other stimuli, which lack longer dark contrasts of real-world intensity changes that reduce microvilli refractoriness, these performance gains are submaximal and energetically costly.

Decompression sickness in breath-hold divers: a review. Although it has been generally assumed that the risk of decompression sickness is virtually zero during a single breath-hold dive in humans, repeated dives may result in a cumulative increase in the tissue and blood nitrogen tension. Many species of marine mammals perform extensive foraging bouts with deep and long dives interspersed by a short surface interval, and some human divers regularly perform repeated dives to m or a single dive to more than m, all of which may result in nitrogen concentrations that elicit symptoms of decompression sickness.

Neurological problems have been reported in humans after single or repeated dives and recent necropsy reports in stranded marine mammals were suggestive of decompression sickness-like symptoms. Modelling attempts have suggested that marine mammals may live permanently with elevated nitrogen concentrations and may be at risk when altering their dive behaviour. In humans, non-pathogenic bubbles have been recorded and symptoms of decompression sickness have been reported after repeated dives to modest depths.

The mechanisms implicated in these accidents indicate that repeated breath-hold dives with short surface intervals are factors that predispose to decompression sickness. Optimising diffusion-weighted MR imaging for demonstrating pancreatic cancer: a comparison of respiratory-triggered, free-breathing and breath-hold techniques.

Two radiologists, independently and blindly, assigned total image quality scores [sum of rating diffusion images lesion detection, anatomy, presence of artefacts and ADC maps lesion characterisation, overall image quality ] per technique and ranked them. Total image quality scores for respiratory-triggered, free-breathing and breath-hold techniques were The respiratory-triggered technique had a significantly higher ranking. Lesion SI on all b-values and signal-to-noise ratio on b and b were significantly higher for the respiratory-triggered technique.

For respiratory-triggered, free-breathing and breath-hold techniques the mean ADCs were 1. Anonymized images were randomized for blinded review by two independent readers for image quality, artifact severity in 8 defined vessel segments and aortic dimensions in 6 standard sites. Comparison and reproducibility of ADC measurements in breathhold , respiratory triggered, and free-breathing diffusion-weighted MR imaging of the liver.

To compare and determine the reproducibility of apparent diffusion coefficient ADC measurements of the normal liver parenchyma in breathhold , respiratory triggered, and free-breathing diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging DWI. Eleven healthy volunteers underwent three series of DWI. ADCs of the liver parenchyma were compared by using nonparametric tests. Reproducibility was assessed by the Bland-Altman method. ADC measurements of the normal liver parenchyma in respiratory triggered DWI are significantly higher and less reproducible than in breathhold and free-breathing DWI.

Copyright c Wiley-Liss, Inc. Qualitative assessment of contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance angiography using breath-hold and non-breath-hold techniques in the portal venous system. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the image quality in delineation of the portal venous systems with two different methods, breath-hold and non-breath-hold by using the 3D FLASH sequence.

We used a 1. Our study showed contrast-enhanced 3D FLASH MR angiography, together with the breath-hold technique, may provide reliable and accurate information on the portal venous system. Time-instant sampling based encoding of time-varying acoustic spectrum. The inner ear has been shown to characterize an acoustic stimuli by transducing fluid motion in the inner ear to mechanical bending of stereocilia on the inner hair cells IHCs. Subsequently, the afferent auditory nerve fiber ANF bundle samples the encoded waveform in the IHCs by synapsing with them.

In this work we focus on sampling of information by afferent ANFs from the IHCs, and show computationally that sampling at specific time instants is sufficient for decoding of time-varying acoustic spectrum embedded in the acoustic stimuli. The approach is based on sampling the signal at its zero-crossings and higher-order derivative zero-crossings. We show results of the approach on time-varying acoustic spectrum estimation from cricket call signal recording. The framework gives a time-domain and non-spatial processing perspective to auditory signal processing.

The approach works on the full band signal, and is devoid of modeling any bandpass filtering mimicking the BM action.

Instead, we motivate the approach from the perspective of event-triggered sampling by afferent ANFs on the stimuli encoded in the IHCs. Though the approach gives acoustic spectrum estimation but it is shallow on its complete understanding for plausible bio-mechanical replication with current mammalian auditory mechanics insights. Reflex anoxic seizures ‘white breath-holding ‘ : nonepileptic vagal attacks. From clinical history 58 children were diagnosed as having reflex anoxic seizures secondary to provoked cardioinhibition also known as white breath-holding attacks.

Before referral, these seizures were commonly misdiagnosed as epileptic either because the provocation was ignored, not recognised, or was a febrile illness, or because there was no crying, no obvious breath-holding , little cyanosis, and often no pallor to suggest syncope and cerebral ischaemia. The duration of cardiac asystole after ocular compression was measured in these children and in 60 additional children with other paroxysmal disorders.

Review of the literature supports the concept that these seizures result from vagal-mediated reflex cardiac arrest which can if necessary be prevented by atropine. The simple name ‘vagal attack’ is proposed. Images Figs.

This work was aimed at estimating the concentrations of proteins encoded by human chromosome 18 Chr 18 in plasma samples of 54 healthy male volunteers aged These young persons have been certified by the medical evaluation board as healthy subjects ready for space flight training. Over stable isotope-labeled peptide standards SIS were synthesized to perform the measurements of proteins encoded by Chr These proteins were quantified in whole and depleted plasma samples.

A minor part of the proteins mostly representing intracellular proteins was characterized by extremely high inter individual variations. The results provide a background for studies of a potential biomarker in plasma among proteins encoded by Chr Breath-holding spells may be associated with maturational delay in myelination of brain stem. To evaluate possible contribution of maturational delay of brain stem in the etiology of breath-holding spells in children using brain stem auditory evoked potentials.

The study group included children who experienced breath-holding spells. The control group consisted of healthy age- and sex-matched children. Age, gender, type and frequency of spell, hemoglobin, and ferritin levels in study group and brain stem auditory evoked potentials results in both groups were recorded. Study group was statistically compared with control group for brain stem auditory evoked potentials.

The mean age of study and control groups was The III-V and I-V interpeak latencies were significantly prolonged in the study group compared with the control group 2. At the same time, III-V and I-V interpeak latencies of patients without anemia in the study group compared with those of control group were significantly prolonged 2. Our results consider that maturational delay in myelination of brain stem may have a role in the etiology of breath-holding spells in children.

Hall effect encoding of brushless dc motors. Encoding mechanism integral to the motor and using the permanent magnets embedded in the rotor eliminates the need for external devices to encode information relating the position and velocity of the rotating member. Preliminary observations on the effect of hypoxic and hyperbaric stress on pulmonary gas exchange in breath-hold divers. Pulmonary diffusing capacity to carbon monoxide DLCO and nitric oxide DLNO , haemoglobin Hb and haematocrit Hct were measured in six elite divers before and at 2, 10 and 25 minutes after a maximal breath-hold dive to a depth of 10 metres’ sea water.

Compared to pre-dive, DLCO showed a slight increase at 2 minutes in five subjects and a tendency to decrease at 25 minutes P breath-hold dive. Recent advances in echocardiography allow real-time 3-D dynamic image acquisition of the heart. However, one of the major limitations of 3-D echocardiography is the limited field of view, which results in an acquisition insufficient to cover the whole geometry of the heart.

This study proposes the novel approach of fusing multiple 3-D echocardiography images using an optical tracking system that incorporates breath-hold position tracking to infer that the heart remains at the same position during different acquisitions.

The proposed method yielded a field of view improvement of To improve the quality of the fused image, a wavelet-based fusion algorithm was developed that computes pixelwise likelihood values for overlapping voxels from multiple image views. The proposed wavelet-based fusion approach yielded significant improvement in contrast The new data confirm the cylindrical rotation observed at -6 Degree-Sign and -8 Degree-Sign and are an excellent fit to themore » Shen et al. N-body bar model.

Our survey finds no strong evidence of previously unknown kinematic streams. We also publish our complete catalog of radial velocities , photometry, TiO band strengths, and spectra, which is available at the Infrared Science Archive as well as at UCLA. The effect of deep inspiration breath-hold on tumour oxygenation. To investigate the influence of deep inspiration breath-hold on the oxygen tension of in-vivo tumours measured using an Eppendorf pO2 histograph.

Change in oxygen tension was assessed using the Wilcoxon Signed Ranks test. Thirty patients were entered in to this protocol. The median maximum tumour dimension was 4 cm. The median of the median pO2 of these tumours was 18 mmHg. Oxygen tension measurements along pairs of tracks per tumour median of 2 were obtained. In six tumours, the values during NB were significantly higher than during DIBH, whereas, for six other tumours, the relationship was the opposite; for the remaining 18 patients, no significant difference was observed.

These data show heterogeneity of tumour oxygenation seen with in-situ tumours both at baseline and as a result of DIBH.

Sherrah, Andrew G. Background Chronic descending thoracic aortic dissection CDTAD following surgical repair of ascending aortic dissection requires long-term imaging surveillance. We investigated four-dimensional 4D -flow magnetic resonance imaging MRI with a novel multi- velocity encoding multi-VENC technique as an emerging clinical method enabling the dynamic quantification of blood volume and velocity throughout the cardiac cycle.

Measuring vascular reactivity with resting-state blood oxygenation level-dependent BOLD signal fluctuations: A potential alternative to the breath-holding challenge? Measurement of the ability of blood vessels to dilate and constrict, known as vascular reactivity, is often performed with breath-holding tasks that transiently raise arterial blood carbon dioxide P a CO 2 levels. However, following the proper commands for a breath-holding experiment may be difficult or impossible for many patients.

In this study, we evaluated two approaches for obtaining vascular reactivity information using blood oxygenation level-dependent signal fluctuations obtained from resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging data: physiological fluctuation regression and coefficient of variation of the resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging signal. This technique may eliminate the need for subject cooperation, thus allowing the evaluation of vascular reactivity in a wider range of clinical and research conditions in which it may otherwise be impractical.

An improved target velocity sampling algorithm for free gas elastic scattering. We present an improved algorithm for sampling the target velocity when simulating elastic scattering in a Monte Carlo neutron transport code that correctly accounts for the energy dependence of the scattering cross section.

The algorithm samples the relative velocity directly, thereby avoiding a potentially inefficient rejection step based on the ratio of cross sections. Here, we have shown that this algorithm requires only one rejection step, whereas other methods of similar accuracy require two rejection steps.

The method was verified against stochastic and deterministic reference results for upscattering percentages in U.

Whole-heart magnetic resonance coronary angiography with multiple breath-holds and automatic breathing-level tracking. Whole-heart WH magnetic resonance coronary angiography MRCA studies are usually performed during free breathing while monitoring the position of the diaphragm with real-time motion correction. However, this results in a long scan time and the patient’s breathing pattern may change, causing the study to be aborted.

However, one problem in the mBH method is that patients cannot hold their breath at the same position every time, leading to image degradation. We have developed a new WH MRCA imaging method that employs both the mBH method and automatic breathing-level tracking to permit automatic tracking of the changes in breathing or breath-hold levels. Evaluation of its effects on WH MRCA image quality showed that this method can provide high-quality images within a shorter scan time.

Reproducible deep-inspiration breath-hold irradiation with forward intensity-modulated radiotherapy for left-sided breast cancer significantly reduces cardiac radiation exposure compared to inverse intensity-modulated radiotherapy.

To investigate the objective utility of our clinical routine of reproducible deep-inspiration breath-hold irradiation for left-sided breast cancer patients on reducing cardiac exposure.

Free-breathing and reproducible deep-inspiration breath-hold scans were evaluated for our 10 consecutive left-sided breast cancer patients treated with reproducible deep-inspiration breath-hold. Both inverse and forward intensity-modulated radiotherapy plans were generated for each computed tomography dataset.

Reproducible deep-inspiration breath-hold plans with forward intensity-modulated radiotherapy significantly spared the heart and left anterior descending artery compared to generated free-breathing plans based on mean doses – free-breathing vs reproducible deep-inspiration breath-hold , left ventricle Reproducible deep-inspiration breath-hold and free-breathing plans with inverse intensity-modulated radiotherapy provided similar organ at risk sparing by reducing the mean doses to the left ventricle, left anterior descending artery, heart, VV20 of the heart and right ventricle.

However, forward intensity-modulated radiotherapy showed significant reduction in doses to the left ventricle, left anterior descending artery, heart, right ventricle, and contralateral breast mean dose, The mean doses for free-breathing vs reproducible deep-inspiration breath-hold of the proximal left anterior descending artery were 1.

A method is presented that combines steady-state free precession SSFP cine imaging with myocardial tagging. Imaging is continued immediately after tagging preparation, using linearly increasing startup angles LISA with a rampup over 10 pulses.

Interleaved segmented k-space ordering is used to prevent artifacts from the increasing signal during the LISA rampup. The measurements were performed in phantoms and in six subjects applying breathhold cine imaging with tagging temporal resolution 51 ms. The results show that ghost artifacts are negligible for the LISA method. Copyright Wiley-Liss, Inc. The effect of CO2 on ventilation and breath-holding during exercise and while breathing through an added resistance.

Ventilation was measured while subjects were made to rebreathe from a bag containing CO 2 and O 2 in order to expose them to a steadily rising CO 2 tension P CO2. The object of the experiments was to determine the effect of a variety of stimuli upon the increase in ventilation and fall in breath-holding time which occurs in response to the rising P CO2. Steady-state exercise at kg. These results have been interpreted with the aid of a model of the control of breath-holding and it is suggested that there is no change in CO 2 sensitivity on exercise, either during rebreathing or breath-holding.

An increase in the resistance to breathing caused a marked reduction in S V and B V , but no change in the breath-holding-CO 2 response curve.

These findings suggest that the flattening of the ventilation-CO 2 response curve is mechanical in origin and acute airway obstruction produces no change in CO 2 sensitivity. On the basis of these results, we suggest that more information about CO 2 sensitivity can be obtained by a combination of ventilation and breath-holding-CO 2 response curves.

Evolution of microstructure and elastic wave velocities in dehydrated gypsum samples. We report on changes in P and S-wave velocities and rock microstructure induced by devolatilization reactions using gypsum as a reference analog material. Cylindrical samples of natural alabaster were dehydrated in air, at ambient pressure, and temperatures between and K.

Concurrently, P and S-wave velocities linearly decreased with porosity from 5. It is concluded that a linearized empirical Raymer-type model extended by a critical porosity term and based on the respective time dependent mineral and pore volumes reasonably replicates the P and S-wave data in relation to reaction progress and porosity.

This study determined 1 how many vessels i. Inc Masterpiece. CA-Accounts Poyoble. Software superior by design. Changes during the final editing of X3. The standard facilitates the development and utilization of tape peripherals on computers by providing a common logical interface. Software is no longer a cottage industry. To be a leader, the drive to be inventive must be backed by substantial resources. The way programmers work. The way computer applications are written and managed.

The way corporate infomiation is managed. And the r way future software systems will evolve. Today, ADR continues to lead the industry. And will continue to answer the needs of business.

But now in greater diversity than ever before. Unlock the potential. The feature is one of several that the small systems utility firm said it hopes will allow it to compete more effectively with the job scheduling packages offered by Computer Associates International, Inc. Pools systems for scheduling Release 3. And sessions can be saved on the host. Make contact today with Trax for a free trial! TtaX Trax Softworks, Inc. Tymshare Inc.

International Business Machines. Inc, IBM. Lcslic P. Marcia Feingold — Cap Gemini America m. The company has sold licenses for the product.

Macros can be defined in separate files and included with one-line commands in the procedure source code file. It is said to take the place of more expensive mainframe security risk analyses. Tata Engineering and Locomotive Co. Access Technology, Inc. SQL is key to taking advantage of future technologies. And ADR will fully support the industry standard. Wliich means choosing a DBMS is now a matter of choosing the system that satisfies your current needs best.

Without the fear of being locked out tomorrow. The future may bring something new, but today, businesses like yours depend on computer-based online solutions built by professional programmers. Only to find that any advantages are lost to an insurmountable learning curve or are offset by an extremely painful performance penalty. That is, until now. You can even utilize existing Cobol copybooks. You get a system that executes real instructions.

From the simplest to the most demanding of programs. Call or write today for a free, no obligation trial and complimentary poster. Perfect together. Cincom Systems, Inc. Hessinger said that rating is unofficial; the official one will have to come from the Codd and Date Consulting Group when it decides to make it public.

Perhaps the danger here is not that we will ignore a new standard so much as allow it to become too confining once users start adhering to it.

IBM executives have said that a follow-on machine, code- named Silverlake, should arrive in the second half of [CW, Sept. Professional, powerful and quick. The only system with everything you need to build corporate applications on DB2. Including static and dynamic SQL functionality, an active dictionary tied to the DB2 catalog and a complete application development environment.

Or in other words, everything you need to get the most from your investment in DB2. It provides job log and listing information that the user can customize. Executive Assistant. Regional Sales Manager. Departmental mini using data from PC.

National Sales Manager. IBM PC off mainframe; data uploaded from mini. Corporate Graphics Artist. Created using Editor at graphics workstation. Vice President of Manufacturing. Departmental mini. Financial Manager. A single graphics package can make everybody in your company look good.

Especially you. And file sharing capabilities so data can move freely throughout your company. On a micro, mini or mainframe. All your people learn a single set of commands and menus, no matter where Impressionist is running. Best of all, data from your host computer can be shared throughout your company. To find out more about the one graphics package for everyone, call Chris Barkley at In Texas and Canada call Call for special introductory price on Micro Impressionist. Lotus and are registered trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation.

This module is integrated with Supertab, the I- Deas finite element modeler. If two users try to simultaneously open the same data set, the product guarantees that all update operations are serialized and protects the overall integrity of the data set.

Enhanced Data Set Integrity operates in a stand-alone or integrated mode. On-Cue generates and submits a batch job request and returns it to the user. A hard copy can be routed to an available printer. Filled-in screens can be saved in a user library, and security for sensitive data is provided.

It emulates the deduetive reasoning of human experts and shows how to improve the performance of your system. In fact, it even gives the rationale for its advice. And can tailor its recommendations to the requirements of your system. It is compatible with other versions of Plantrac.

Computerline, P. Box , 52 School St. A version of the Mass word processing software for Digital Equipment Corp. Mass Version 7-A allows the fonts to be printed in outline form or in various shades from black to white, the vendor said. Users may change typefaces and point sizes anywhere within a document. Microsystems Engineering, Suite , W. Hassell Road, Hoffman Estates, Ill. Other features include more than component library symbols, editing functions and the abiity to create parts from portions of a drawing.

The software also allows definition of a pixel array with a color associated with each pixel. Raster data from various sources can be merged.

Versatec has also announced Veraplot 9. The software outputs raster data and was designed for VAX and Microvax computers.

Versatec, Walsh Ave. The system, called Jcamms, runs on Wang Laboratories, Inc. VS minicomputers. Broadway, Hicksville, N. Version 1. DEC, Maynard, Mass. Louis A. Sharing DASD? Want to Improve Performance? System Devel. Facility Info. You can use a telephone. Reply and it digitizes your voice to be replayed later.

So now the company computer is just a phone call away. Teltech, 39 Broadway, New York, N. But since we bought the C Supra from C. Itoh Digital Products, I never have a moment to spare. I’m living life in the fast lane. It manages continuous forms, labels, letterhead and up to 6-part invoices with its rear or bottom feed paper paths. Sound investment The finance department says the Supra is a great investment since C. Itoh Digital Products, Inc. It prints high volume data processing output, like invoices and spreadsheets, at speeds up to characters per second cps.

And for word processing, the Supra prints sharp, clear, high-speed letter quality at cps. And they were right. Forms expert Our executives are really impressed with the Whether it’s high volume spreadsheets and multi-part invoices or letter quality business letters and presentations, the Supra is fast and reliable.

MS-DOS-based systems. Software Research, Third St. Francisco, Calif. According to the vendor. Version 2. Updata, Holmdel Road, Holmdel, N. The Tapesaver Utility backs up and restores data by volume or by file.

No system generation is required for installation. The utility can be run by an operator in interactive menu prompt mode or unattended under batch control. And offers software designers a CASE system that works the way they do. A commitment that has made ADR the leader. Up to 16 watch points can also be set. Program statements can be traced as they are executed. Glenstone, Springfield, Mo. The system lets engineers and managers focus their efforts on software development, quality, and productivity, without having to supervise a complex computer facility.

A composite material made of graphite epoxy is ideal for use in space because it is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminum. Unlike metal, it does not expand from exposure to heat or cold, and its reduced weight translates into lower costs and larger payloads.

For example, saving just one pound in a space vehicle means a reduced launch cost of several thousand dollars or added fuel for longer operations. Until now, however, graphite composites have proved difficult to mold to shapes more complex than a simple cylinder.

But research and development by Hughes has opened the way for the fabrication of a variety of new forms, including tubes with integrated end fittings in a one-piece design, support beams, and ring structures up to seven feet in diameter.

Air Force FE dual role fighters. Unlike previous systems requiring software check-out after the completion of hardware, the Hughes Digital Software Integration Station DSIS can test and de-bug software while the hardware is being built, resulting in substantial development cost and schedule savings.

It has ten times the software and six times as many test targets as its predecessor, the APG radar. The signal is then relayed to a Japanese ground station north of Tokyo and fed into the local NHK studio. The daily broadcasts include segments of major US. An ultramodern facility spanning 1. S3, El Segundo, CA Ada is a registered trademark of the U S. Government Ada Joint Program Office.

For more information write to: P. Development tools Cadre Technologies, Inc. Cadre Technologies, Richmond St. Smalltalk DE Version 2. Continued on paged? Postscript has clearly emerged as a standard, and Palo Alto, Calif. The Continued on paged? How do you plan to penetrate that market? Users report dramatic productivity improvements and more. All these and more to improve productivity and produce quality applications. For the most efficient development of either your PC or mainframe programs, call us now.

The company also unveiled a Holiday Clipart Library that users can incorporate into holiday correspondence, newsletters and other types of publications, according to a company spokesman. They are compatible with Adobe Systems, Inc. Data integrity is key for such an application. Another reason for Follet to go with Baler was purely economic. The plan eventually calls for 60 copies of the model to be in place. According to Butler, compiling a spreadsheet with Baler was easy.

At up to 1. SCO Xenix has proved to be a reliable operating system. It offers an excellent low-cost opportunity to get back up to speed on the current state of Unix.

Xenix vs. Even a little experience with the two systems is enough to show that both will have their place in corporate use. SCO Xenix is clearly the operating more professional, unified look. All of which means PageLaserl2 can meet the needs of any office worker.

So if your business prospers on high volume, get the laser pnnter that does the same. The PageLaserl2. For more details, call for the name of theTbshiba printer and computer dealer nearest you. Then see how well FhgeLaserl2 performs in your surroundings. Diablo is a reKistend track-mark of Xenix Corporation.

Qunie is a ivgistervd trademark of Qume Corporation. LaserJet Plus is a a-gislemd trademark of Hewlett-Bickard. Inc, Infomuition Systems Division system of choice when more traditional, multiuser, multiterminal configurations are desired. Control-C Software, Inc. We also have regional marketing people that are also focused exclusively on the Fortune Why should MIS directors buy Tandy equipment?

What are your goals for selling to MIS in large corporations? Our market share is small — in the few- percent range. We would be very pleased to double that in the next year.

I think every new piece of hardware that comes into the market, regardless of the manufacturer, has features that the whole industry reviews and has to determine the importance of for the long term. Of course, customers themselves have an important vote as well.

In fact, VGA is an option on our based machines today. The real significance of that is that all manufacturers now have the ability to bring some real innovations to hardware design as long as the operating environment is compatible with it and the software is compatible with it.

Does it matter? The rumor is that it needs an exceptionally large amount of memory to handle all these extended functions. So, if you believe their literature, it would appear to run on all other machines as well. Anyone who focuses on it is the ultimate victim of fear, uncertainty and doubt. How badly were you harmed by that decision? We were anything but a hardware clone.

But our sales have been very robust. What do you hope to accomplish during the next 10? In the microcomputer area, our No. One of the more interesting things that we did next was our barnstorming campaign in and We also made significant inroads in the education market. We gave free computer-literacy training to , school teachers.

The next 10 years will probably be more interesting than the last With all the advances being made in hardware and software, the end user is going to be the big beneficiary. BASIS is designed to keep pace with your world of information, and, without the constraint of hardware dependence. Fast, efficient information retrieval is possible in even the largest databases. Novice and casual users may retrieve information and generate reports using menus and simplified command statements.

In , the firm shipped 3. Once an IBM-only shop. Saavedra said Wells Fargo was drawn to Tandy because of its ability to provide on-site service. GE makes the switch General Electric Co. And, that makes sense. New files and record fields may be added or changed without reloading data. BASIS is accurate, efficient, and secure. DM is the first relational DBMS with full-text handling capabilities integrated with complete database management facilities.

If you need to know who, what, where, when, or why.. Let DPS be your Guide. Digital is and will continue to be the dominant factor! Or call your local sales office. The Powermate includes a processing unit with IM byte of random-access memory, a 1. It can accommodate five 5V4-in. Based on the Intel Corp.

CPT, P. Box , Mitchell Road, Minneapolis, Minn. The Acer bit system runs at 16 MHz. No host changes required. Aspen Research NE. Does the vendor offer a true distributed matrix switch versus an electronic patch panel?

Are there any documented problems with the control software, resulting in inability to control the switch? Can references be contacted, with sites visited? Is performance monitoring integrated in the distributed matrix switch? I Does the switch provide V. And, we know that no competitor within our markets can match the service and support we offer. Prove it to yourself. The Ivy portables are said to run the Unix operating system.

The Model 40 features a 1. The Model 80 features an 80M-byte hard drive, and the Model features a M-byte hard drive instead of the 40M-byte drive. Ivy Microcomputer, 15 Ararat St. Software applications packages An entry-level computer-aided drafting and design program called Cub has been announced by Innovative Computer Aided Technology, Inc. Macintosh has been introduced. Users can select record sizes of 1,, 2, or 4, char.

Vectras and compatibles. Box , Cumberland Ave. Lafayette, Ind. Response, an integrated contingency planning system for data processing and corporate disaster recovery planning, has been announced by Mosaic Computer Security, Inc. Mosaic, Massachusetts Ave. You can correct or bypass the error right away —without wading through transaction dumps—and then resume testing without losing valuable time.

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Drawbridge automatically generates the source code required to create graphics displays. Graphics objects available include arcs, boxes, circles, lines and polygons. They may be in color and can be either outlined or painted. A built-in text editor allows the addition of text to graphics displays. It automates new or modified application testing, from simple program tests to the most complicated stress testing.

The automated logging function permanently stores the screen dialogues on a file. You can then browse and customize your test stream dialogues with a variety of powerful on-line edit and utility functions.

VERIFY is then ready to retest any portion of your system, giving you the flexibility to control the application mix, input values and arrival rate of the transactions to be re-executed on CICS. Through an on-line menu display, you can see the exact differences VERIFY discovers during its interactive comparison. And respond immediately with two full menus of mismatch processing options.

It helps you get it right the first time. The V 2 -in. Emerald Systems, Mo- rena Blvd. Nth Group, P. Box , West Hills, Calif.

Information Storage, Inc. Features include self-loading and self-threading. M4 Data, Building 14, N. A series of internal hard disk drives for Apple Computer, Inc.

Macintosh computers has been announced by the Rodime, Inc. Peripheral System Division. Both offer average seek times of 28 msec, and both have embedded SCSI controllers. Rodime, Suite , Chagrin Blvd. You can take the Macintosh SE for a test drive. Or experience the blazing speed of the Macintosh H.

Based on the processor, the newest Macintosh has color for vivid graphics, and open architecture for maximum expandability of memory to handle the biggest jobs. Most importantly, youll find out about the new connection between IBM and Apple! About DOS compatibility cards and the new option of emulation. Youll even learn how Macintosh talks with IBM mainframes. For our Macintosh Week event schedule, contact your local Businessland Center.

To find the one nearest you, call Macintosh is a trademark of McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. Businessland is an authorized Apple dealer. Text editing is done on the composed page in a what-you-see-is- what-you-get format. Canon U. A in. The monitor has a 0. Tatung, El Presidio St. The device can scan both halftone photographs and line-art drawings in one pass. Interfacing the Apple Computer, Inc.

Microtek Labs, S. Western Ave. Three models are available. All feature two full-length, eight-bit IBM Personal Computer slots, two plug-in expansion adapters, K bytes of random-access I memory, four asynchronous serial shar- j ing ports, one serial printer port and one parallel pinter port.

Model 2, with a 1. Page Reader supports the formats of such word processing programs as Micro- pro International Corp. Page Reader has a built-in sheet feeder that enables it to read stacks of up to five typewritten pages. While the scanner is operating, users can continue to use the personal computer for other tasks. Saba Technologies, S. Gemini Drive, Beaverton, Ore. Cornerstone, A E.

Tasman Drive, Sanjose, Calif. Board-level devices General Computer Corp. It automatically detects and repairs system abends and loops on-line. And since diagnostic data is available on-line or in a complete, concise report, you reduce the need to wade through large portions of lengthy system dumps. Get the only CICS stabilizer around. Because PowerHouse supports these vendors’ relational databases as well as their dominant file systems, many of the problems associated with adopting a relational DBMS are solved.

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In Canada, call Cognos and PowerHouse are registered trademarks of Cognos Incorporated. Hyper net 2. General Computer, First St. Conographic Corp.

Conographic, Fitch, Irvine, Calif. Hewlett-Packard Co. Mouse and improved system integration under HP Windows. Revision 1. It is keyboard-selectible for 8M or 16MHz and features one bit memory slot and five bit and two 8-bit expansion slots. CSS Laboratories, S. Ritchey St. Safe Power Systems, W. Clary, W. Clary Ave.

Tilt and swivel base. An easier set-up mode. Our dual resolution mode lets you retain full VT compatibility and shift from DEC resolution to hi res. When it comes to quality and value in terminals, we wrote the book.

Tferminal Census. CW CHART ing from security breaches has mounted with the proliferation of effective network analysis tools that let outsiders tap in and monitor data on the network, Russell said.

Vista-Gate was co-developed with Communications Solutions, Inc. Direct access to Profs will be announced within the next six months, according to a Data- point spokesman. Virtually every new computer supports C, and portable programs created with the mainframe compiler under OS or CMS will run on any other machine with a C compiler.

And you can use C, instead of assembler, to develop small and fast subroutines called from other languages. We designed the compiler listing and cross-reference to make programs easy to follow and errors easy to find. Especially when you can get a better terminal for less.

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And you won’t leave users in the dark with unexpected suprises. These prices include an intelligent communications adapter, a high-speed Datapoint Resource Interface Module, a Vista-Gate-to-modem cable and the basic server software. The communications server upgrade kit does not include the required K- byte personal computer with 1. Including your own personal account manager. In short, because we believe our software is worth what we charge for it.

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Financial software by Data Design. To learn how our systems work for a broad range of medium to large size companies on most major computer systems, call Betty Fulton toll-free at , or mail in the coupon today. See you at the user conference. A comprehensive guide designed to make the mainframe software selection process much easier for you.

By design. There are two basic approaches to this; contention and assignment. In a contention-based system, there is a pool of sessions available on a first come, first served basis. In an assignment system, sessions are dedicated to specific users. The latter is important for printers and terminals that will run production jobs. Some products support both approaches. Your batch jobs will always have the files they need for processing without operator intervention.

Netec International, Inc. How easy will it be to add another controller? Are there lines to run back to the host? Will there be ports available when you get there? These are questions you should ask.

A related issue is how much user support the gateway provides. How much does the system tell you about what is going on? Can you see exactly which logical units are in use? The absence of this kind of data, which is essential for diagnostics and monitoring, can be good reason to avoid an otherwise excellent product.

But be careful. You should ensure that users on one network can establish sessions on a host connected to a gateway on another network. Otherwise you will have to put a gateway in every LAN. Alternate strategies include using a redundant piece of hardware for backup, a second line or a standby dial-up connection. One or more of these is a good investment. Different factors come into play with each application. Consider the combination of products and combination of keystrokes that will be involved.

Adrian is manager of end-user computing at Shear- son Lehman Brothers, Inc. Py3 Dataproducts. Contact your Dataproducts distributor, or call us direct at 1 , ext. In CA, 1 In Canada, 1 Beginning with a full day of professional tutorials, the Forum offers in-depth coverage of multivendor and VAX computing topics. Plus you get two days of conferences featuring VAX- specific topics led by industry experts.

The Forum gives you the chance to meet colleagues from all over the country. So get the complete facts on VAX. Information and instruction that will help you work better Taught by leading independent consultants, these day-long tutorials provide instruction in areas that relate directly to your job and organization.

Computer and Communications Consulting This seminar will present a clear overview of database management in the Digital environment, as well as other VAX-compatible systems. This seminar will take a practical look at how to design and upgrade modern, wide-area distibuted data networks. Discussion includes the evaluation of various VAX products as well as guidance on how to plan for change. Who should attend: An important resource for DP and data network managers, planners, analysts and others who evaluate, purchase or use communications networks.

Kenneth Thurber, president. Architecture Technology Corp. This session will provide a thorough study of the issues involved in managing mixed vendor and local networks, stressing the function characteristics and capabilities of various designs and gateway technologies.

Who should attend: Especially useful for DP managers systems analysts, marketing managers and others who need to know how to manage mixed vendor local networks. A comparison of All-In-1 with competing architectures, such as those offered by IBM, includes a look at how it fares in an ever-changing market. Who should attend: A good choice for professionals who currently use All-In-1 and for those who are considering new architectures for their communications network. Plus two days of valuable conferBnces Both are International Data Group Companies.

Box , Framingham, MA Tutorial No. Registration may be transferred at no charge. Supplies ribbons, paper, forms, photographic, etc. Consulting Services software development, systems design, networking, etc. Education and Training user, programmer, operations, etc. Among many topic areas planned for The WCC conference are: Strategic application of computing resources to meet organizational goals. Systems connectivity through hierarchical integration of PCs, minis and mainframes.

Work group productivity — harnessing the latest integrated technologies. Architectural alternatives for applica tion -specific system solutions. Computer tools for software development and maintenance. Optimization of business resources in large-scale applications environments.

The Interface Group, Inc. Also, we are working with research professionals at the prestigious International Data Corporation IDC to ensure that The WCC accurately reflects the needs of data professionals worldwide. Please cut along dotted line. Both the new printer and the upgrade board are scheduled to ship in November. Quadram also said it plans to pursue development of a Postscript controller that will include all printer emulation modes currently available with the Quad- laser I.

Access Data Products, Inc. A third line will be installed before the end of the month. Access Data said. There is no charge for using the board, which users will find to be organized by conferences when they log on. Vpollo Computer, Inc. Apollo and Ridge will target companies equiring high-performance graphics, letworking and computational capabili- ies in fields such as electronic design utomation, mechanical computer-aided lesign and other engineering and scientif- : markets.

In that time, Phil has used many methods of getting his message across to buyers and sellers. We decided to study just where our responses were coming from. We looked at eight or 10 publications and determined the cost of each response. In fact, it beat some publications by two or three to one. We can work for you. Average access time is said to be 28 msec. Models are available in disk storage capacities ranging from M to M bytes.

Advanced Digital, P. Box , N. Freeway provides control of more than 34 communications settings. Terminal emulations available include teletype and Digital Equipment Corp. Data transfer rates range from 75K to Features include pop-up command menus, phone books, on-line Help and a page editor. Kortek, Hamilton Ave. Century Analysis, Center Ave. Able Computer, Airway Ave. The expander panel provides 16 Sit back and relax. And that we plan to add more soon.

Built-in baluns provide electrical port isolation. Lee Data Corp. Standard features include an Intel Corp. Links A software package for linking Digital Equipment Corp. Call now to find out how 1 Ext.

Cambridge Computer Corp. Pacer Software, Inc. VAX integration over Ethernet.