Jason O&G equipment USA

The company has a wide variety of equipment available, including triplex plunger pumps, quintuplex plunger pumps, High pressure manifolds, treating irons,injector head, coiled tubing parts, pipe handling system, brakes, BOP & Strippers..ETC

Hub-C for energy Equipment

  • HUB-C serves as a purchasing and procurement department as well as a turnkey solution provider with extensive technical knowledge for variety of different industries. We supply variety of certified fabrication, equipment, partsandaccessories for the Oil & gas exploration and production companies,  Mining companies, and industrial gas and LNG companies worldwide.
  • HUB-C was incorporated by a team of technical and financial people coming from different backgrounds which are cryogenic manufacturing, mining, Oil and Gas and oilfield services; and was formed in Istanbul / Turkey with alliances from Texas/USA, Lima / Peru, St. Sao Paulo,  Brazil and Netherlands. 
  • Our location and alliances allow us to easily access to variety of manufacturing and repair facilities and solution partners from different locations in the globe. Our flexibility and global network, combined with an array of available engineering, inspection and onsite services, make it easier to meet the individual needs of each client from different industries. 
  • We are striving for excellence and total customer satisfaction and serve the end-users by offering our exceptional supply and service.
  • HUB -C has experienced technical people who are coming from different backgrounds (Mining, oil and gas, cryogenic, LNG) and who has hands on the job experience (technical, onsite installations / maintenance and purchasing)
  • The team is well knowledgeable about the international and domestic regulations, certifications, customer expectations based on ‘industry’.
  • The team is experienced with working based on different (domestic) code restrictions if applicable.
  • Already set up network capability to scan different countries in the world for specific products to come up with the optimum delivery and pricing options possible.
  • This also allows HUB-C to scan the stock availability of specific OEMs throughout various countries.
  • Domestic ( International) purchasing capability for ‘specific’ brand names in different parts of the world
  • Is able to add value to the products upon delivery ( as part of or as the turnkey solutions.).
  • Capable of packaging list of various equipment at logistics centers in different parts of the world and ship under one invoice ( As a one stop location)
  • HUB -C already has the set up to work and expedite projects with fabrication facilities with low cost labor and overheads in different locations of the globe as turnkey deliveries to its customers. 
  • Already has alternative option availabilities set up for different products
  • Has the set up network availability with different vendors of spare parts, fabrication facilities ( Genuine and non genuine) around the globe
  • Has the engineering capabilities to deliver small-size and mid-size turnkey solutions for mining and oil & gas industries
  • Capability of working 24/7 using contacts in different locations around the globe for delivering the most efficient

What we do for our customers

The main target of our company is to create reliable and solution driven alternatives for our customers as an independent procurement company (E&P) with alliances around the globe by:

  • Scanning different parts of the world with our reliable local partners within 48 - 72H and provide the requested products at the shortest delivery times possible at optimum pricing as we are:
  • focusing to find the requested products with shorter delivery times with accurate certifications
  • focusing on finding products which can be reliable alternatives for the requested products
  • focusing on finding products with more reasonable/optimum price level
  • finalizing purchases through local contacts which can potentially get better pricing for the specific product line on specific brand names
  • scanning the specific brand name products through from different parts of the world to get a better delivery time (possibly in stock) and potentially cheaper pricing
  • procuring genuine / non genuine spare parts for any brand of any type of equipment
  • getting the benefit of low labor cost as we do all the the final inspections for the final product and expediting the products before delivery
  • Doing the final inspections with reliable inspectors with technical knowledge on the sites where the customers might have some limited access due to time limitations
  • we deliver to any seaport in the globe or door to door via air freight through competitive, global agreements (open for discussions and further explanations)

Fabrication / Engineering


  •  Solar Street Lights (Up to 100 Watts)
  • Rotating + Stationary Light Poles (For Mine, and offshore Sites up to 12 meters)
  •  Pressure vessels (up to 100 m3)
  •  Natural Gas Separators
  •  Non-Pressure Vessels / Storage vessels  (stainless or Carbon steel) –up to 100 m3
  • Self Bunded storage containers                 (Chemicals, oil, diesel,etc.)
  • Turnkey mobile / containerized oil stations (For mining industry)
  • CUSTOMER DRIVEN / SOLUTION FOCUSED FABRICATIONS (Can be done based on customer specific  drawings)
  • General Steel Construction for oil and gas and mining industries (Please see the next slides)
  • Excavator Buckets (To be designed based on the brand name)
  • Fabricated Consumables for Mining, Oil & Gas, Oilfield Services and Offshore Industries
  • Machined for Mining, Oil & gas and Offshore Operations (Materials fully certified)
  • Raw Material procurement.


  • Fabrication supervision​
  • Onsite inspection​
  • Delivery inspection and supervision​
  • Delivery supervision​
  • Delivery to any seaport, seaport or train station in the globe (Except Embargoed countries)​


Core Capabilities

  • Solar Systems ( Plug & Play)​
  • Solar Street Lights –All in 1 certified to international codes (SAA / EU / NORTH AMERICAN)
  • Adjustable Light Poles (For mounting street lights)
  • Solar powered submerged / centrifugal pumping systems ( Turnkey –plug and play for mine and oilfield sites)
  • Steel construction (Please see the next slides for some reference photos.)
  • Frac Tanks / Storage tanks for oil & gas industry (Up to 100 m3in size)
  • Pressure vessels & Gauge Tanks & Separators in general ( UP to 100 bargworking pressure and 100 m3in size)
  • Self Bunded Lubricant Tanks (Segmented / non-segmented) –For mining and oil & Gas Industry 
  • Mill internals / any type of mill steel structures , spares, etc.
  • Cylindrical  / prismatic non-pressure storage Vessels (Frac tanks , acid storage tanks, etc.)
  • Skidded piping
  • Excavator buckets (For specific brand names with different spare options)
  • Pressure / non pressure vessels for mining , oil& gas and Offshore Industries ( DNV2.7.1./ API , etc.)
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Any steel , casted, forged, machined parts can be fabricated based on “customers specific drawings”. 
  • Consumables for Mining, Oil & Gas and Offshore Applications and for OEMs (Please see the next slides for some reference photos.)
  • Casted parts (Centrifugal Casting  / Special Alloy Casting)
  • Forgings up to 8,000 kg (14,000 lbs)
  • Wear parts / Mantle and bowl liners (Steel mill liners based on different designs)
  • Cone crusher liners
  • Impactor crushers parts /  Crusher Wear Parts
  • Any type of spare parts for mine mills (For cone crushers, jaw crushers, feeders, etc) –copper and common steel parts
  • Precision machined parts (Reversed engineering parts)
  • Pump Spares (For brand names –genuine and non genuine) Offshore Applications included.
  • Spare parts ( Genuine / non genuine) of earth moving devices, undercarriages, etc.
  • Infrastructure piping (ERW, stainless, carbon, flanges, manway domes, etc.)
  • Valves (Any Type)
  • Skidded piping, manifold skids –Turnkey
  • Electrical Equipment according to ASTM / EU and AU codes
  • Earthing
  • Engines  / Transformers
  • Electrical poles for electrical infrastructure

Some of the other additional products for reference purpose​

  • Machined spare parts based on customer drawings
  • Danfoss / Grundfoss/ ViloPumps ( Submerged transfer/ etc) and reliable alternatives
  • Filters
  • Self bunded containers for oleic acid (316 stainless Inner / carbon steel outer-outside piping + pumping included)
  • Slurry Pumps
  • Submersible / Water / Mud pumps for specific brand names (Alternatives)
  • Knife Gate Valves / Butterfly valves / Gate –Globe Valves
  • Gauges
  • Spare parts (Genuine / Non genuine) of Excavators, earth moving devices, undercarriages
  • Tires (Michelin, Bridgestone, etc.)
  • Gear Drives for conveyors / apron feeders
  • Hydraulic pumps / spares
  • Pump spares
  • Couplings ( Falk, Rexnord, Hauglannds, etc.)
  • Engines (Volvo / CAT)
  • Heater Skids
  • Manways / Domes for infrastructure
  • Skid Steer Loaders / mini trucks
  • Portable road matrasses  (For temporary transports at mine sites or temporary storage floor purposes.)
  • Tires (Mining tires from different parts of the world / different brand names)

Alessa Group

Best of our services

We are dealing with the following Equipment:

  • Air compressors
  • Forklift
  • Flood Light
  • Generator
  • Welding machine
  • Pipe loader (14T)
  • Front end loader
  • Crane (25T & 60T)


  • Saad Ali Al-Essa Group is a technical service provider in Saudi Arabia, to provide expertise on site for construction, installation, testing, commissioning transformers oil filtration & repair and erection services for transformers, switch gears and protection system. Saad Ali Al-Essa Group incorporates engineers and professional technicians who are highly experienced in testing & commissioning, construction and installation works, repair services for transformers, switch gears, protection system & use of different equipment based on applications of new technology.
  • Whatever you want-whether it is a small domestic unit or a complex multi-split system- you will be confident that our highly specialized team will do the work on time and quality required as per the international standards.
  • Substations Erection Works. (Power Transformer, GIS, etc.)
  • E & I works for Oil & Gas Wells.
  • Transformer Services Including Oil Filtration
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Instrumentation Works
  • Cable Splicing &Termination

MENA Oilfield Equipment Training


MENA OFET LLC. along with us partners has developed several new, cost effective and innovative technologies to recycle and reclaim oilfield waste products, leaving little or not environmental waste product therefore greatly reducing - and in most cases - totally eliminating the producer’s liability commonly associated with these waste streams.

our product can be used in with fresh waste on the rig site or waste that has been removed to the waste pit (regardless of how long it has been there)


  • Drilling cuttings & oil companies responsibilities towards the environment.
  • Options for handling OBM drilling waste.
  • Brief product description.
  • cleaning process flow.
  • Lab testing of our chemicals.
  • Advantages of Using the " CLEAN CUT " process.
  • Well site Apparatus & large scale plant.
  • SDS: safety Data.

Advantages of Using Clean Cut process

  • oil / hydrocarbon reduction to <1/0% and two cleaning passes to 0.2%-0.5% depending upon porosity of rock fragments non-thermal processing - ambient temperature operations, therefore substantially lower energy consumption (<20%) compared to thermal desorption plant with similar processing capacity.
  • low environmental impact, with minimal emissions.
  • Use available water supplies for operation, Fresh - Brackish and seawater.
  • 75% lower capital costs and 80% lower operation costs compared to thermal desorption plant with similar process capacity.
  • The water / process solution to be continually recycled through the system treated to:
  1. remove dissolved / emulsified oil.
  2. suspend ultra fines.

well site apparatus

clean cut process has been successfully used with a few operators in the state of Texas.