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Gigya supports more than million users each ссылка across more than 50, sites. But he needs proof. Lyons Consulting Group W. Calcukator was charged under cxlculator Greater Victoria Water District Act and Victoria City Act перейти trespassing in the Sooke Windows 10 1703 download iso itasca bankrate calculator watershed area by entering waterworks land without the consent of the water commissioner. Available Windoww cinnamon, spice, and copper- tone. Long-handled shears made of aluminum tubing are a joy to use for the trimming of shaggy edges where lawns meet http://replace.me/12008.txt beds. Police said a large number of pills was found at the scene and the man apparently died from a drug overdose July You can also set limits so that any tags exceeding a certain amount of time to load can be timed out, and set your system so that only tags.❿

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Pratte also said Air Canada will withdraw its oldest DC-8s from regular service as part of a plan to reduce its active fleet for winter. This is a lesson, alas, that many adults never learn. Thanks to Drs. Visit the IBM Interactive Marketing Resource Center to get the latest news, discover upcoming events and nd expert advice to help you move along the path to Interactive Marketing success. If the scenario above sounds at all familiar, then keep reading. But in Quebec, provincial jurisdiction is being claimed and pursued to such points of absurdity as the use of clandestine transmitters. No writer in his right mind should give away something like The First Time because it can only be published once. He looks forward to working with fewer vendors, hoping that will free up resources to work on pressing consumer-facing initiatives www. CNETs products include DataSource, comprehensive product information available for custom data sheets, rened searches, side-by-side product comparisons and other applications, and Intelligent Cross-Sell, a product that simplies the automating and optimizing of the cross-selling of accessories.


– Windows 10 1703 download iso itasca bankrate calculator


Patrick Howes, Grainger Road; 6. Peter J. Walters, Robert; Wratten, Cedar Hill Road; 7. Ross Hailing, Stelly’s X Road; 5. Steve Ready, Gerkil; 6. Art Huck, Blackwood; 9. Godfrey Westmorland, Wallace, Brentwood Bay; 5. J Preece, Welch, 5. Harmon Leong, Gordon Head Road; Morgan, Verdier Avenue, Brentwood Bay; 6. Page, Stroud Road, Frost, R. Rocky’s Sport Shop G. Giles, Koksilah. Gary De Bodt, Lake Cowiehan; Nitinaf Mrs. Alex Jessiman, Box , Lake Cowiehan; Couple dies in crash Shooting party ends in tragedy Two young Victorians on their way home from a skeet- shooting afternoon apparently died Instantly Sunday when their vehicle left a logging road and tumbled down a steep foot embankment three miles west of Sooke.

It stayed out of control for about one-quarter of a mile, going around a second curve before it left the road where the rocky embankment has a grade of 75 degrees. Police said a large number of pills was found at the scene and the man apparently died from a drug overdose July Miss Wilson and Peart were thrown out and apparently died instantly from head injuries.

Jim Miller, He scrambled down to find Miss Wilson and Peart both dead, then notified police. And arrange convenient connections for you to most European cities. Without a deposit. Or payment in advance. In fact, you can fly now. And pay later. Vancouver to Amsterdam. And although we fly you to Amsterdam, you. And still enjoy our excursion rates.

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Over half are sold already! Young at r«. Base Metals IS Complete tabulation of Monday transactions. Quotations In cents unless mjkked s. Domtar, which said a strike began Saturday closed its mill in Red Rock, Ont.

Consolidated Rexspar lost three cents to 58 cents. A Abbey Glen Cdn. Ames and Co. UNM Stock A. Volume was 1. Canterra fell 18 cents at. Andex was unchanged at. New Pyramid was unchanged at. Captain International was off 2 cents at. Mountain States was unchanged at. Charleston dipped 2 cents at. In the curbs, New Denver was up 3 cents at. International Shasta gained 3 cents at. Great Bear was off a penny at.

Dunlop 52, x-F. Sel Trust , Second Scott Inv 72’i. Tanganyika , Thomson , Thorn , Tube Investments The Financial Times Industrial Index They art the net asset value per share or unit NAVPS last calculated by the fund In accordance with Its pricing practice as contained In the prospectus of the fund, n—no sales charge, x-U. May — — Rapeseed — Vancouver Sept. Rye Oct. May Barley Oct. Selling rates 1. Glendale Corp. Hamilton Group Ltd. Hamilton Trust and Savings Corp.

Harding Carpets Ltd. Dividends Canadian Monoir Industries Ltd. Central Fund of Canada Ltd. Steel Co. Canadian 6. Tin—Spot 3,,; futures 3,, Lead —spot ; futurae Zinc — spot ; futures Silver—apot NYSE volume, at only 8.

Harvest Int. Openings are available in the trades of Artillery. Crewmen and Infantry These trades will appeal to those who enjoy outdoor life, physical well being and close comradeship. We offer a man’s training along with a man’s responsibility plus a guarantee of a minimum of 5 years employment We also offer travel opportunities, good pay.

Requirements: Canadian Citizen years of age. Victoria, B C. AfMCfci Mi T. Overlook the City Country setting on treed. Huge sundeck. Flexible terms. Sea views and beach access minutes away.

ROGERS attack for encouraging high interest rates, will pay a record per-cent interest rute on money borrowed through a new bond issue next month. The rate will be paid on an Oct. When you need copier supplies you need Choioe lower Island rental area. Contact owner direct for full details. Phone , Loc. For course starting dates, location end further Information, phone , local Modern building.

Attacks also centred on the effect on the housing, with the critics saying the rate in-, crease would raise housing costs and reduce construction during a housing shortage. Inflation, as measured by the consumer price index, was up one per cent in August from the previous month and Turner was believed to have favored tough measures, such as wage and price controls, to fight inflation.

In the week following the Bank of Canada increase, the value of the Canadian dollar increased marginally by four- tenths of one cent and is now- worth 2. But it intends to operate a purchase fund to buy at least three-quarters of 1 per cent of the outstanding bonds every three, months, provided they are available on the open market at the original price plus interest.

He said the B. Eliesen denied a charge that the Insurance Corp. ICBC had refused to negotiate with Workers of the crown agency during a recent strike. North Cowlchan-Duncan area. Contact builder direct for full details. CP -C. Drury, interim finance minister, says he will follow the policies of former finance minister John Turner and plans no special measures to deal with rising prices and unemployment.

Drury said in an interview here that the government will take whatever measures, are necessary to cool inflation and reduce unemployment but he would not list priorities. Super Deluxe. I’ll l. Lions were in the process of chopping up Toronto Argonauts. It looked for 20 minutes as if the Lions, coming off successive victories in a home-and-home set with Winnipeg Blue Bombers but needing a third straight win to win real credibility as a playoff threat, were going to fail.

They did get within 33 yards in the first quarter, but only because of a fumble, and then made things take on that familiar look when Eric Guthrie booted a line drive wide and left Argos leaders.

The B. The Argos have Zenon Andrusyshyn, and if tills was to be a battle of defences they had a decided edge as Andrusyshyn reminded when he opened the scoring with a yard field goal. Suddenly, five minutes into the second quarter with the Lions on their yard line, Liske and Slade Willis combined to turn things around. The Lions ran it in from nine yards and were on their way. And how different they were from the injury-slowed and frustrated club which played with only part-time enthusiasm and dedication in that start.

C penalty. And how different things are now for the Lions, who. They fumbled three times Saturday, twice in succession on their second touchdown march and once just before the field goal which advanced the score to the security of , and got the ball back each time because it bounced right.

In the old days, that would have cost them possession three times. And they kept it again in the second quarter when Terry Bailey gathered in the pass for their secw ond touchdown. The young Canadian star not only held onto the ball when he banged into the goalpost, but he came out of the collision without injury. It was the third straight game In which there have been no serious injuries, and that must have Eagle Keys wondering about the vagaries of fate.

Whether the turnaround would have happened had Keys been allowed to finish the season as codfch is a moot question. On the other hand, it is easy to believe that the Lions needed the kind of shock they got when Keys was relieved of his.

The new spirit and togetherness is the big item, but it may not be all of it. Successor Cal Murphy must of necessity stay largely with the Keys system for this year, but his is less conservative than’Keys and he will likely be inclined to put more trust in his Canadian talent.

However, the road back is a long one and past experience shouts at you that caution should be used and that there should be no leaping at conclusions. The Lions had to sweep through what was the softest part of their remaining schedule, and they passed that test. Genereux, who played for Nanaimo Clippers of the B. Both Anderson and Mal- lough are 18 while Genereux, who wiU report to training camp at Memorial Arena this week, is The Quesnel product weighs about pounds, 15 heavier than last season.

Maloney, speeial assistant Larry Popein and Tulsa Oiler- coach Orland Kurtenback will conduct twice daily workouts for the next four days and there are not expected to be any cuts until the weekend.

Phillips 7. Time: X Felix RIbbeau Barroby 2. The Lions, winners of their last three games, decided to look at Canadian place-kicker Ed Thomas of Vancouver after he kicked three field goals Sunday for the junior Meralonias, including a yarder. Hornets led by at the half. Masamoto beat the old record of ? D espite his world record. Masamoto only took second place in the flyweight division because he shattered the mark with his fourth hoist, which did not count toward the championship.

His best lift in his first three tries was Zigmund Smalcerz of Poland won. Bay r at The Duncan squad scored its second win in as many starts Sunday, a decision over Saanich Vampires at Athletic Park. Both games were played at Cellar Hill Park. Juan de Fuca, Cedar Hill. Vital Guard, A Scottish Dream. Arnold 4. Track scratch-rPromised Action. Sixth Race—Claiming.

S0 Executive Session Furlong 3. Pallot- Tenlcta, Terra Veloce. Seventh race three-year-cldn, teenth miles: Y. Arnold 3.

New Pride. Fllntstone, Panama Pete, Pacific Regent. Smoldering, Prevost Miss. Time Attendance: Defenceman Leroy Heck has an injured leg and is on crutches while blueliner Perry Rod has a broken hand. Louis Blues had a lot of problems before coming on late in the season. Louis, four up on the Hawks.

Canucks play pre-season games here Sept. Vancouver opens the season with a three-game road trip to Minnesota. Murray played for Brandon Wheat Kings. Carberry used a five Iron on the yard 17th hole for his ace.

Mike Buckley of Vancouver with 74 led the B. Sparked by the hot bat of Dwight Evans. Evans did most of the damage with four runs- batted-in. Rookies Fred Lynn and Jim Rice each drove in their th runs of the season for the Red Sox who used three pitchers in the final three innings to stave off a Milwaukee corn- back. Both the Orioles and Red Sox won Sunday. Elsewhere in the American League Monday.

Drago 9 and Montgomery. Minnesota — 7 18 2 Pactwa, Brewer 8 , Kirkwood 9. Baltimore 9, Detroit 3. Milwaukee 6, Boston 8. Oakland 8, Minnesota California 4, Kansas City Chicago 8, Texas 9. Minor Major P. Maior periods, lasting Hi to 2 hours, dark type. Jamie used a seven irdh on an yard yole.

Reggie Smith pinch-hit double in the eighth inning. Joe Dimaggio holds the all- time record with a game streak. Louis 78 Reuschel 9 , Knowles ? Home runs. Philadelphia 11 0 St. Louis 01 x—7 13 1 Christenson, Hllgendorf 6 , Garber 8.

Hoerner 8 and Oates, Boone 7 ; Rasmussen. Garman 7. Hrabosky 7 , Parker 9 and Simmons. Home runs: Philadelphia — Allen llth. Montreal 3, Pittsburgh 4. Philadelphia 13, Chicago 7. New York 2. Louis 6. Cincinnati 2, 8, San Francisco 4. Alcos closed out the regular schedule Sunday with a run victory over Castaways at Beacon Hill Park. The final round of the overs competition for the Nockout Cud will be held this weekend and Alcos is the only unbeaten team in the round-robin competition.

Alcos reached for the loss of eight wickets Sunday and dismissed third-place Castaways for only 50 runs. Bob McKay toppled six Castaway wickets — including his 5pth of the season — for only 24 runs and Roger Hale scored 29 not out.

Smith earned his first title before even climbing in behind the wheel when his nearest rival John Tharp was unable to compete because of mechanical difficulties. Rousseau said he hoped the EBU could pay one-third of its total obligation as early as next month. The – committee’s original target figure for Europe alone was million. It was subsequently lowered to ,, for coverage rights outside North America. This was Leicestershire’s second success of the season.

An indication of that tension came in the form of reports that federal mediator W. Los Angeles Rams also met Monday night but took no vote on the Patriots situation.

Some are walking around without any money in their pockets. Meanwhile, two owners said the league was prepared to cancel the entire season of striking clubs if necessary.

Some Patriot players, who voted 1o strike on Saturday and forged the cancellation of their Sunday exhibition game, met Monday at a Foxboro, Mass. Mara of the Patriots. Mates pick Cournoyer captain of Canadiens Montreal Canadiens have a new captain.

Cournoyer replaces Henry Richard, who retired from hockey during the summer. There are three other players from last season’s roster not with the club and a holdover is still suffering from an iniurv picked un in the playoff series with Buffalo Sabres. Defenceman Jacques Laper- riere. Beginners welcome. If you thought you couldn’t afford the luxury or safety of a high quality belted white wall radial, now’s the time to stop In at the Dayton or Dunlop sign. Because we re out to make the Blue Ribbon 70 the most affordable radial ever, and that meant you’re getting the beat tire deal we can offer!

The other semi-final, to be played Sept. Park match. Saanich Braves 2, Cosmopolitan Royals 2. Proepect Lake 7, Lebetts 0. Victoria West 4, Glllesole 3. Oak Bav “A” won by default over Victoria West. Nanaimo Duncan 0. Glen Meadows 4. Duncan 4, Da Vinci 6. International Restaurant 0.

Juan de Fuca 4. Sooka 2, UVic Alumni 2. Vantrelghts 15, William Head Steelers 2. Tsawout 1, Harvey’e Sporting Goods 5. Need a telephone answering machine? Initial ignition system analysis 2. All labour for service and installation of spark plugs 4. Perform cylinder balance test 5. All labour for replacement of points and condenser 6. Check rotor 7. Check H.

Check and adjust timing 9. Check P. Check and adjust idle mixture Check fuel pump and filter for proper operation Check air cleaner element Final ignition system analysis Tune-up price, quoted In file ed ere lor letoour only, on moet cere. Perl, are extra. The coete may vary depending on your car’s condition, so be sure to ask for an estimate.

Put your purchase on your Esso Credit Card. Taylor recovered from an openiijg-set loss to defeat Neil ‘Coutts, , , , while Miss Cameron surrendered the opening set to Nina Bland before rebounding for a , b-0, verdict. Sisters Nina and Jennifer Bland coasted to a Zanic coasted to the boys under singles crown by dumping Terry Loftus, , He also teamed with Colin Ayers to outlast Dale Couch and Raymond Aldeguer, , , , in the under boys doubles final.

Rich Cowan, , Under — Dale Couch def. Paul Buck. Under — John Zanic def. Vince MacDonald, , , Under-lS — Russ Hartley def. Peter Smythe, Mark Howe and Rich Cowan, , , Under — Sher Horne and Mike Montgomery def. Paul Buck and Glen Gibson, , Under Colin Ayers and John Zanic def. Under — Peter Smythe and Jamie Wood def. Dave Murrell and Vince MocDonald. Amanda Levey , Under — Kirsten Olson def. Allx Liersch 64, Under – Elizabeth Ellis def.

Sandra Camerson, , Under — Dianne Mullin def. Sandra Cameron, , Under — Damaris Hurley def. Dianne Mullin, Dianne Mullin and Janet Llghtbody, Dianne Mullin and Jamie Wood, , No one else has won more than three. His winning score of , four under par. In 17 starts this year, including the British Open and the World Series, he has been second twice, third four times, fourth once and finished lower than ninth only twice.

This time he came from five strokes back of old friend Tom Welskopf with a solid last-round Weiskopf, the third-round leader, dropped back into a tie with a front-side 39, lost and regained a share of the top spot, then needed only a par on the last hole to reach the playoff.

But he made bogey and finished with a , one shot too many. Schlee had a last-round 71, Funseth and Mahaffey shot 73s and Nelson took a Johnny Miller, who beat Nicklaus in a playoff for this title a year ago, never got in the chase this time.

He had a closing 70 for Lee Trevino shot Results: men —S. Clout — 1. Cliff Allan SA ; 2. Dave Ball VB ; 3. Ivan Buchanan VB He has been the target of anonymous death threats. Montreal Que- becois edged Boston Bolts, , to even their best-of- seven semi-final at and set up a deciding game tonight in Montreal. Ted Greves. Bruce Arena, Bill Nunn. John McKenna and Gerry Pinder had singles. Jocelyne Bourassa of Sha- winigan, Que. Monday to Friday 8 a. Saturday Archery records belong to Allans FrMstylo – 1.

Dave Ball VB ; 2. Kevin Teltge SA ; 3. Chris Barman SA Heavy tacklo hunting bows — 1. Harvey Godfrey SA 1T Bare Bow — 1. Joe Plank CB ; 2. Charles Lamplugr VB Bara Row heavy tackle — 1. Marc Valikoskl VFG ; 2. Ivo Pultr VFG Freestyle — 1. Jim Frost VB 40; 2.

Dave Ford VB 39; 3. Cliff Allan SA Bare bow — 1. Marc Valikoskl VB 35; 2. Ivo Pultr VB 22; 3. Paul Urquhart VB VI Muir VB ; 2. Sue Barmman SA ; 3. Rose Allan SA Glen Bryan SA Darllvn Teitpe SA Schlet,, B. This course is designed for adults who wish to understand Important biological concepts but who have little or no previous scientific background. No laboratory work is required. A reading list will be provided.

Wednesdays, beglnningSeptember 24, ‘ p. Grass Catcher Reg. Whirlwind Here 21 Self-Propelled Reg. Toro 21″ Grassnutor Self-Propelled. Toro Electric. Battery Rotary, Fteg. Complete with grass catcher, Rea. NOW 20 H. Miss Shaw carded a to break the old record by one stroke. Edmonton Saskatchewan B. Meralomas, Royal Swangard Stadium.

Athletic Park; Troians vs. Dolphins scored their lone touchdown well into the fourth quarter when quarterback Spence Park found end Roy Sinden in the end zone w ith a yard pass. Victoria managed yards through the air but was held to just 22 yards rushing.

In the second game of the doubleheader, Meralomas thrashed Renfrew Trojans, , to move alone into top spot. Ste’amer Maxwell, a member of the Hockey Hall of Fame, has died at the age of A player, then coach, of two Canadian senior hockey championship teams from Winnipeg, he also coached Winnipeg teams to world amateur championships in and He left the coaching ranks soon after the second world title. A hockey referee, an ardent golfer and bowler, he was a strong supporter of amateur and professional, sports throughout the city.

Dave Cutler converted both touchdowns and. Hamilton, booed by many of the 22, fans at Ivor Wynn Stadium as they left the field at halftime, were limited to a third-quarter field goal of 23 yards by Ian Sunter. Second Quarter 2. Third Quarter 3. Hamilton, tield goal, Sun- trom 23 yards, Fourth Quarter 4.

Edmonton, field goal. Cutler, from 25 yards, Lemmerman hit on three of nine for 48 yards and had two interceptions, both by George Campbell. Roy Bell ran 28 times for 78 yards as the Edmonton ground attack picked up another yards. Hamilton: Santucc! Peterborough wrapped up the Canadian junior lacrosse championship Sunday with an victory in the fifth game of the best-of-seven series.

After losing the opener,- the champions swept four straight games. Burnaby grabbed a lead in the opening five minutes, but Peterborough rallied in the second period for a edge. Gardner blanked Cable- vision in the final period and the Gray-Munroes scored 11 times.

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Fill in your name and address and give it to tlio Speedy manager, who will complete your entry, and deposit it m the special contest entry box on display at any of tne participating Speedy Muffler King locations Contest closes on Tuesday. September 30t! Simas KucHrka, a Lithuanian trawler off Martha’s Vineyard “The wheat should not be seaman who attempted un- five years ago, has con- sold to strengthen the tyranny successfully to jump to his demned the sale of U.

S wheat should be. How can the free world stand bv when there is so much suffering in the concentration camps of Russia? Spassky has said he has lost the right to leave the country. His friend Dr.

Liberty, a golden retriever sent to Oregon in July for mating, had five males and four females. Spassky wedding bells? Fairs Municipal Clerk rnmwimm downs tairs! You see. Madame Pier Auge Cleanser Soap, 5. Pier Auge also offers Gel Deodorant Ental, 70 gm 3.

Pure, natural organic and j hypo-allergenic products. Cinnamon, maple, coppertone, spice, town brown, night shade. Sizes; S. Whisper Regular panty hose Each 1. Heather, maple, spice, cinnamon. Sizes: S. Sizes: Mini fits lbs. Cinnamon, spice, heather, maple. Reinforced toe Colors of coppertone, town brown, spice, cinnamon, maple. One size. One size fits lbs. Available In cinnamon, spice, and copper- tone.

Stock up n6w’ Whisper All Sheer sandalfoot One size fits all: lbs. Value-priced and comes in 2 fashion shades: cinnamon, spice. Stretchy nylon knee highs, one size fits 9 to Johnson told Judge D. McAdam he realized he bore legal responsibility as the owner of the plane but suggested the courts or the city of Victoria tell federal authorities the lake is not marked restricted on official maps.

Johnson was charged under the Greater Victoria Water District Act and Victoria City Act with trespassing in the Sooke Lake watershed area by entering waterworks land without the consent of the water commissioner. Prosecutor Peter Hull said the small, single-engined plane landed about p. Johnson, principal owner of E. Worked himself to nothing Appearances would indicate that a Toronto road construction worker went past working himself to the bone Monday and worked himself to nothing,- A more plausible explanation is that the neatly- arranged hard-hat and footwear were removed by the worker so he could slip into something more comfortable for lunch.

New national flag nation Trial in a higher court was ordered Monday in Victoria Provincial Court for a year-old Ganges man charged with murder punishable by life imprisonment. Publication or broadcast of evidence given during the hearing was prohibited in an order given by Alder at the request of defence lawyer Dean Wilson. He said Watt was seen to take two tapes at about p. Watt said he had worked a year at The Bay but had been fired after the incident and had no job or prospects of one.

But then he decided to ask for a pre-sentence report and cancelled the jail term. UPI — A swarm of small earthquakes was felt in the areas, some severe enough to knock dishes off tables and pictures from the Walls. Proportioned to slim the ankles and shape memorable legs under the easy flow of a skirt. Black, rust, wine or forest green suede. Soft, supple leathers with Russian vamp, squared toe and full inside zipper.. Forest green, black, dark brown or rust suede; caramel leather.

Store Information Store Hours Daily: a. Thursday and Friday a. Oriental Expressed The quilted Chinese jacket, in sizes s-m-1, has all the chinoiserie accents. In water-repellent fabrics that are printed or plain. The ceremony marked the end of a drive by Australia to thrust this primitive land into the world community.

The new nation has seen nearly a century of colonial rule by Germany, Britain, Japan and Australia. As fireworks exploded on a hill overlooking Port , Moresby, Australian and New Zealand naval vessels in the harbor fired a gun salute. The Papua New Guinea flag, adorned with a golden bird of paradise and the Southern Crass constellation, will be formally raised today.

Papua New Guinea covers , square miles of rugged mountains and steamy coastal jungles. Prime Minister Michael So- ipare, a year-old former. The western half is part of Indonesia. Healing Substance Shrinks Piles, Checks Itch Exclusive healing substance proven to shrink hemorrhoids A renowned research institute with a healing substance Bio- has found a unique healing sub- Dyne which quickly helps heal stance with the ability to shrink Injured cells and stimulates hemorrhoids painlessly.

It re- growth of new tissue. Bio-Dyne is lieves itching and discomfort in offered in ointment and supposi- mimiles and speeds up healing tory form called Preparation H. Ik injured, inflamed tissue. One hemorrhoidal caso his- ing hemorrhoids, Preparation H tory after another reported lubricates and makes elimina- “very striking improvement.

It helps prevent Pain was promptly and gently infection which is a stated euuse relieved. Both sides in the dispute told the Colonist they. Justice Henry Hutch eon of the B. Supreme Court will be available. IWA members in the Southern Interior 1 have also accepted it. Provincial mediators Gus Leonidas and Clark Gihnour also will participate. An IWA spokesman said Monday that a meeting with officials of Forest Industrial Relations, which bargains for coastal forest companies.

Hutcheon recommended a Union leaders have said that changes must be made either to shorten the proposed agreement, or to improve the cost of living clause. Open Space mum! The owner of the premises, Geoff Sheffield, had indicated he was selling the place, but was offering it to the society that runs the centre—Greater Victoria Theatrebox Society. Deadline for the purchase w r as originally Aug. And though Bartlett himself is keeping mum, it looks as if the provincial government could come up with the cash to keep a revitalized Open Space a permanent cultural down-town attraction.

Textile Centre were accordingly given three- month notice to leave by Nov. Mary Cook vice-president of the Circle Craft Co-operative, views the impending move philosophically. A gentle expression of the softly tied, yoke blouse. Dusty rose. A classic shirred front blouse, detailed with turned back cuffs and full plackets. Dusty rose, slate blue or rust. A favoured open revere collar style that shows its quality right down to the covered buttons and gently gathered shoulder softness.

Dusty green, eggshell or dusty rose. Store Information Friday 9. The negotiating committee – of the B. Fryer said that coming wage settlements will probably be lower than the The present master contract expires Sept. Presently, only white collar worker employees work a hour week, while blue-collar employees work a 37la-hour week. An innovative feature of the agreement allows civil servants to take up to 10 days a year to look after sick dependents. Howard Petch, says his hold-the-line policy on new admissions is working.

Admissions to second, third and fourth years, however, were up from last year. There were 1. There are 50 students in fifth-year education, a drop of Greater Victoria school board trustees accepted an education department grant for library updating Monday night, but it was done almost reluctantly. He thought that the individual school boards should fill their library needs themselves.

John Wiens on the planning committee. Expense chit cited Ex-MLA loses appeal over income tax claim Hearing set oil proposal A public hearing will be held at p. A development of Green- bank Designs Ltd. A former member of the B. House prices have. Prices in Victoria have shot up an estimated 15 per cent in the past year. The only real guide for f houses was observation by re- altors, and Charman said they’d rejiorted an average in- N crease of about 15 per cent.

Either one can be issued with a ticket demanding that a fine be paid for violations of municipal bylaw’s, if council agrees with a finance committee recommcn- lation. An accused dog owner would still have the right to plead not guilty and have the case heard in court. The taxation committee considered an application from the Gulf Oil Station at Craigflower and Tillicum to remain open for 24 hours a day. Peden opposed the application, giving his opinion that if anyone runs out of gas in the middle of the night.

Ken Hill and Aid. Anderson praised work of NDP in fields such as day care, saying it was great improvement over Socreds. The democratization of e-commerce. If theres one thing a web retailer should know by now about their customers, its that they are impatient. And in recent years, as Internet connections have gotten faster, and more online activities compete for their time and attention, their expectations for a smooth and speedy experience on an e-commerce site have grown.

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Special thanks to researchers Nesli Karakus and Laura Berrigan for their handiwork in managing data on more than 1, providers, and to our tireless prole writers Linda Punch and Mary Colby. Thanks also to our designer and art director Jason Smith for his usual energetic eorts to make the editorial and research look good on the printed page.

The all-new Complete Guide to E-Commerce Technology comes at a perfect time for retailers of all stripes as they seek to add, maintain, upgrade or replace technology components that make their web sites go. As the holiday shopping season has shown, the market is coming to them and they need to be ready to make online shopping faster and easier than ever before. Publisher: Jack Love jack verticalwebmedia.

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Well, not anymore! At OrderMotion, we know the back end is beautiful! Our SaaS order management and analytics platform, not only increases operational efficiency and revenue optimization, it also creates new revenue streams based on best practices in a Certified PCI Level 1 secure environment – now thats beautiful!

Contact us to learn more about how our order management system can help your business grow. As e-commerce matures, many vendors that have spent years rening their specialtiessuch as order management, analytics and performance monitoringare nding new homes within larger organizations that oer increasingly complete assortments of e-commerce tools.

These large companies argue that they can handle the complex technical challenges of selling online so retailers can focus on retailing. Thats the promise, for example, coming out of IBM Corp. Oracle Corp. Plenty of more deals abound: eBay Inc.

GSI Commerce Corp. Adobe Systems Inc. RedPrairie Corp. The list goes on and activity shows no signs of slowing. There have been more than 1, marketing technology acquisitions since , more than half occurring from February to August , says investment advisory rm Petsky Prunier. The transactions in the rst eight months of are. The acquired companies gure prominently among the top vendors to the retailers in the Internet Retailer Top What will vendor consolidation mean for Top retailers and their smaller peers?

Many retailers are optimistic that vendors will provide products and services that t together more smoothly and will have more funds to invest in innovation. But some web merchants fear theyll be too small to get much attention from tech giants. In the former group is Steven Dee, chief information ocer at multi-site e-retailer Hayneedle Inc. He looks forward to working with fewer vendors, hoping that will free up resources to work on pressing consumer-facing initiatives www. We deliver to every address in Canada and ensure your customers delivery experience is the best available.

We offer cross border logistics and e-commerce solutions such as our Borderfree service, to smooth shipping across the border. Plus, we provide your customers with certainty about taxes, duties and shipping charges with a fully landed cost in Canadian funds! Visit online today. Together you will create a convenient and cost effective way to come to Canada. Call Scott Brunton at ext. Hayneedle operates product-specic e-retail sites like Hammocks. Among the wary is Carrie Allen, director of operations at apparel, media and tness e-retailer Gaiam Inc.

Shes not convinced a company the size integrate with Hayneedles existing systems than another vendors tool that is marginally better. The hardest part of any implementation is the integration, he says. When you are looking at best-in-breed services, you have a lot of options and its greatup to the point where you gure out you have to get, say, Oracle to integrate with ATG. While having the variety is nice, if growth of his business. Dee says he left the meeting impressed, but made no commitments.

The major components were very well thought out, but they couldnt really get into the weeds with me, Dee says. But it made it easier for me to say we should continue investigating this. While having a variety of vendors to choose from is nice, if I can avoid doing an integration Ill do that.

Id love for that to be somebody elses problem. It tends to be our experience that a very large rm doesnt have the time for us as a midlevel retailer, Allen says. In this case its the retailers who are the customers, and theyll reward vendors that deliver as technology contracts come up for renewal over the next few years. Meanwhile, vendors say theyll be working to show that they can provide products that t together more easily and can introduce new technology at a faster ratein some cases because, having been acquired, they no longer have to focus on short-term protability in order to boost prots in advance of going public.

Large retailers Hayneedles Dee says he wants both ease of integration and the most compelling technology for his e-commerce sites. He says the e-retailer leans heavily toward deploying the technology it views as best serving its customers, but might favor a product thats easier to 8 Internet Retailer. I can avoid doing that integration Ill do that.

Hayneedle uses Oracle software for order management and accounting. The e-retailer doesnt use any ATG servicesyet. Dee says he called his Oracle representative the day Oracle announced the ATG deal and asked what the product integration plan looked like. His representative didnt have an answer. We might have jumped the gun on it, Dee says. I dont think they understood when we started asking questions.

Oracle began in early laying out to clients its plans for combining ATG and Oracle. The representatives explained in general how Oracle and ATG were mapping out their software integration plan, but didnt dive further into the details of how they would work out system processes to support the.

Oracle and ATG would be responsible for the integration and maintenance of the sister services. That could free up funds for Hayneedle to invest in improved services. Top e-retailers like Hayneedle may opt for nearly allin-one services like those marketed by Oracle and IBM because the erce competition those big web merchants face drives them to continually innovate, says Gene Alvarez, vice president of research in the customer relationship management practice at research and consulting rm Gartner Inc.

Because of the amount of revenue tied to the top e-retailers, there is tremendous pressure for customer experience, and those e-retailers are more apt to make that move because it would free them to focus on customers, he says. What happens is that the list of functional requirements gets so long, they have to do 15 to 25 integrations to complete the customer experience.

Now they want one vendor who can sell them a broad set of capabilities. With its contract with a previous data center monitoring vendor set to expire, Hayneedle, a Gomez client since , decided to extend its contract to include Compuwares data center monitoring service. The bundled services cost a bit less, but Dee says the real win was that the Gomez interface improved with Compuwares help, and service improved. For example, a Gomez account representative and engineer paid Dee a visit post-acquisition, which had never happened before.

They went out and started to be more proactive in their communication, Dee says. Now, with Compuware it has money to invest and fuel growth in a way that it hasnt been able to before. Whats more, he says, e-retailers that engage IBMs e-commerce serviceswhich now include the assets of Coremetrics, Unica, Netezza and Sterling Commerce will be able to respond more quickly to changes in consumer behavior and competitor moves because IBM will be managing the technology and investing for the future.

You will not outgrow us, Stelzer says. At oce and business supply e-retailer ReStockIt. He says Stone Edge founder and president Barney Stone called him shortly after the acquisition to discuss it with him, and that kind of service is what makes him stay with the vendor. We chose Stone Edge for a reason, and the opportunity for them to do even more is exciting, but that has to come with a checklist, Redlich says. They have to keep their identity and their culture. Is Barney still there?

If a company you have an existing relationship with comes to you with something that is relevant, you want to hear it. Gomez has more money now to invest in customer service because the company, which made no secret before the Compuware deal that it planned to go public, no longer has to prioritize painting an attractive prot picture for Wall Street, says Eric Schurr, who joined Gomez prior to its acquisition and is now senior vice president of marketing for Compuware Gomez.

Gomez was a lean and mean company that was headed for an IPO, Schurr says. It was managing every penny to optimize for growth and www. We have the agility to respond to, keep up with and get ahead of whats happening, and thats limited in the vendor marketplace. Selection and service Nor does all the acquisition activity involve vendors to Top e-retailers.

Firms that sell primarily to smaller and midsized e-retailers also are consolidating, and some e-retailers say they expect to benet from those mergers. Alvarez says he expects more smaller vendors to either go public, giving them. The answer, in this case, is yes. Redlich says he hasnt gotten a sales call from Monsoon Commerce, which helps retailers sell on online marketplaces, about oering those services to ReStockIt. Most customers would be anxious for that call because everyone is looking for an advantage to grow, he says.

Internet Retailer 9. Cohen believes eBays nancial backing will help Magento develop more advanced tools that might otherwise be out of its nancial reach. If done right, it will be a coup for Adobe representative locally, but a dierent, non-local Adobe rep manages the Omniture account, and that representative changes frequently because of employee turnover. Since Adobe acquired Omniture after Gaiam inked its contract for Scene7, Allen hopes to use Gaiams position as a customer for two Adobe services as leverage to negotiate a better deal when her Scene7 contract is up for renewal in But she isnt condent that will work because Gaiam already gets a good rate on Omniture that MarketLive negotiates on its behalf based on MarketLives client portfolio of more a little concerned that they wont support the software at all or will want us to upgrade.

Allen says Gaiam is weighing whether to seek bids from other software vendors or look more closely at an upgrade with Escalate. Not knowing if Escalate will continue to support our existing software brings up the urgency quite a bit, she says. RedPrairie did not respond to a request for comment on its support plans for Escalate Retail products.

Communication with clients about mergers and technology plans is often hit or miss, Alvarez says. Vendors communication to. EBays bigger pockets should give Magento the resources to move some more innovation forward.

EBay could make it more aordable because of its larger scale and bring some resources to Magento that Magento wouldnt have on its own. But not all e-retailers are as condent about their vendors becoming part of much bigger companies.

Gaiam has a direct contract with Adobe to use its Scene7 imaging and design toolsScene7 itself was a Adobe acquisitionand an indirect contract for Adobes Omniture analytics tools that is managed by Gaiams e-commerce services vendor, MarketLive Inc.

She says her Scene7 account is managed by an 10 Internet Retailer. Gaiam uses Escalate Retail for order management and fulllment, and Allen describes account support as mediocre, which she partly ascribes to the e-retailer using the older Ecometry version of Escalates software.

Allen notes that Escalate did reach out by e-mail and phone to alert Gaiam to its acquisition by RedPrairie, although it wasnt made clear if the combined companies would support the software version Gaiam uses. Overall, our communication isnt super strong, Allen says. Im not sure that the acquisition will do us any favors. We are. Either they have to get in front of their customers or their customers are going to turn to others.

Given the pace of change they face, e-retailers can ill aord any such uncertainty, Alvarez says, pointing to how quickly online social networks and mobile commerce are reshaping retailing. Web retailers must move quickly in areas like that, he says, and if that means relying on vendors that provide pre-integrated services, it makes sense to go that route.

Hayneedles Dee concurs. We want to focus on how we allow our customers to nd the product that is right for them, he says. Were not integrators. We lose some competitive advantage when we have to focus dierently. Visit the IBM Interactive Marketing Resource Center to get the latest news, discover upcoming events and nd expert advice to help you move along the path to Interactive Marketing success.

To learn more visit: www. Engage your audience in cross-channel dialogs that build on behavior. Make the move to cross-channel customer communications. Make targeted email and mobile messages a part of your strategy. Increase the value of every inbound customer interaction. Unlock the real power of the digital life cycle. Measure the return on your investment in social media. Treat mobile marketing as another valued marketing channel. Learn from 1, CMOs what you need to know to thrive in this era of continuous change.

Read the report at: www. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at Copyright and trademark information at ibm. In particular web merchants will invest in better applications that will strengthen their core e-commerce infrastructure and integrate their e-commerce platforms more eectively with other information management systems. The survey shows that many web merchants are in a mood to invest in more e-commerce systems and services.

In , Among that group, Online is the channel where the growth is coming from, so thats where more retailers are going to keep on investing the most technology dollars, says Brian Walker, vice president and principal analyst for e-business and channel strategy at Forrester Research Inc. Some multichannel retailers plan to close 12 Internet Retailer. Topping the list What are your top e-commerce technology budget priorities? Chain Catalog Web Manufacturer For most merchants the single biggest priority is purchasing a better e-commerce platform, followed by making a bigger investment in mobile commerce and social media.

The survey results, which include a response from 70 web-only merchants, 15 chain retailers, 14 catalog companies and 14 consumer brand manufacturers, reveal that a new e-commerce platform is the top spending priority for Respondents could choose more than one answer. Where retailers are going to spend the most money next year is on those tools and programs that make it easier and faster for consumers to shop, research and make a purchase from their smartphone or tablet, and share the experience with their family and friends on Facebook and elsewhere, says Walker.

Theres a sense of urgency on the part of many retailers that mobile and social technologies are www.

E-Commerce Technology Spending What is your primary business? Chain retailer Catalog Web-only merchant Consumer brand manufacturer What is the size of your annual e-commerce budget? Check all that apply Attract new customers Generate more sales from repeat customers Generate more web trafc Increase conversion rate Increase ticket size By what amount will you increase your spending?

Less than 6 months 6 months to 1 year 1 year to 2 years More than 2 years No plans to replace What type of e-commerce platform are you planning to deploy? Internal design and implementation Move to e-commerce platform hosted by a vendor, managed in-house Move to e-commerce platform hosted and managed by a vendor Off-the-shelf application from a vendor Software-as-a-service from a vendor Will you increase your spending on e-commerce technology and services next year?

Yes No Will you invest in mobile commerce, either in-house or via a vendor, in ? Yes No How much will you invest in mobile commerce in ? What are the main challenges you face implementing better e-commerce technology? Check all that apply Lack of funds Not enough experienced staff Too many older systems to integrate Getting managements consensus with too many options to choose among Other By what amount will you decrease spending?

To keep pace with their customers, merchants tell us they have to keep investing in better technology. Which of these e-commerce applications do you expect to add or replace in the next 12 months? For Market America Inc. The online retailers biggest priority is migrating to a universal e-commerce platform that features more than 30 million products, faster site search, an enhanced shopping cart that lets consumers purchase merchandise from participating retailers directly on the Shop.

When work on the fully integrated platform is complete sometime in the rst quarter of , Market America shoppers also will be able to use their customer loyalty perks to make purchases on Shop. Internet Retailer How many e-commerce technology workers will you add? What are your top technology hiring priorities? Which of these e-commerce services do you expect to add or replace in the next 12 months?

Check all that apply E-mail marketing Site design Afliate marketing management Social media Search engine marketing management Web site performance monitoring Payments processor Web hosting Security certication Fulllment How big is your current full-time e-commerce technology staff? Our vendors perform all services www. Who is the top e-commerce technology decision maker in your company? What is the annual sales range of your online retail business?

Market America wont be adding any new applications to its updated e-commerce platformMarket America acquired Shop. With a better e-commerce infrastructure in place, Market Americas next e-commerce spending priorities are to add on mobile commerce and expand further into social media. When the platform is fully operational our shoppers will be able to shop both MarketAmerica.

But in order to completely integrate Shop. Were looking to add at least a dozen people, says Brady. Great expectations Which of these e-commerce applications do you expect to add or replace in the next 12 months? Help wanted Hiring more e-commerce employees is a budgeting priority for other online retailers as well.

The survey, which Internet Retailer conducted in October with readers of its IRNewsLink newsletter and in conjunction with marketing and survey technology provider Vovici Corp. Of those, Most online retailers taking part in the survey operate their e-commerce program with a small sta But regardless of their size most web merchants are looking to hire specialists, especially programmers.

The top e-commerce decisionmaker at But hiring more seasoned e-commerce professionals or bringing in talented newcomers that can be trained on the job is just one item on a big list of technology spending decisions the top e-retailing manager will make in E-commerce executives will also be deciding how best to expand mobile commerce, fully integrate their e-commerce infrastructure and deploy a new platform.

The survey nds With online retail sales expected to once again grow by double digits in and more consumers permanently shifting a bigger portion of their shopping from stores and catalogs to online, web merchants will be ramping up their spending on better e-commerce systems and services for at least the foreseeable future, says Michael Griswold, a research vice president and e-commerce technology analyst with Gartner Inc.

The pace of e-commerce technology development will do nothing but accelerate going forward and the retailers that want to keep bringing the best customers to their e-commerce, mobile and social media sites will keep on investing in better systems, says Griswold.

For retailers that keep on making timely and well thought out decisions about future investments in their e-commerce infrastructure, better technology will give them a big competitive advantage. These days its more likely to be the latter, as retailers seek to make sense of data streaming in from e-commerce sites, bricks-and-mortar stores, contact centers, e-mail, mobile devices and social networks.

Its one of the toughest jobs in retailing, but if done well it can produce big rewards by attracting customers ready to buy whats oered them. The key to success, says David Zucker, chief marketing ocer of trendy ash-sale retailer Gilt Groupe Inc. Take on too much data, too soon, and merchants and marketers can get overwhelmed.

Getting acclimated with data is step one, Zucker says. Otherwise, peoples eyes glaze over and their heads explode. Merchandising people who arent accustomed to looking www. As Gilt and other retailers and analytics experts have learned, however, the tools and services for accessing and using analytics data are becoming both more sophisticated and easier to use.

One of the challenges I had for years as a retailer was managing the massive amount of data about customers from web analytics, call centers, e-mail marketing, and our own segmentation of customers, says Eric Tobias, a former co-owner of Batteries. It was dicult to bring all that information together and get a single view of a customer. To be sure, accessing and using multiple sources of customer data remains a signicant challenge for many retailers.

But today, Tobias and others say, new technology and more sophisticated outside services make it more possible for retailers to gather and use data from multiple data sources. With the right mix of technology and expertise, retailers of dierent types and sizes are nding they Internet Retailer Rosetta Stone also has found that it can improve conversion rates and sales by placing more videos as well as customer testimonials on other pages of its web site.

And its gleaned some surprising insights about how its customers shop and respond to online content. The data shows, for example, that of-sale systems along with online data to get a singular, cross-channel look at customers to build more eective online content, says Tobias of iGoDigital, which compiles multichannel shopping data for hhgregg to support its e-commerce strategy. Web site analytics alone wasnt really providing the necessary insight to properly merchandise products on the web site, he says.

So we worked with them to get a more singular view of customers across channels. IGoDigitals software uses a unique identier for each tracked customer, usually an e-mail address the customer provides when making an online or oine purchase.

By combining data on daily store sales with web browsing data, hhgregg learned, for example, how some customers purchased TVs or other items in stores, including the specic model and the price, after having researched similar products on hhgregg. Knowing which price points and model a customer nally purchased in the store, he adds, has enabled the retailer to sharpen its online merchandising to capture more sales online, Tobias says.

Rosetta Stone lifts conversions One retailer taking advantage of updated analytics software is Rosetta Stone Inc. Using the Online Marketing Suite, which makes use of the analytics technology that Adobe acquired in when it bought Omniture Inc. We have tracking for each marketing channel, so we know where people came from, and we know which groups of visitors were recent demo takers versus which were purchasers, Li says. Thats important, he adds, because Rosetta Stone can then respond with the marketing oers shown to be most eective with each customer segment.

Rosetta Stone has learned, for example, that visitors to RosettaStone. Conversion rates are a lot better if we send the e-mail after they view a demo, Li says. To build on that kind of customer activity, the company now places prominently on the lead page for each language an 18 Internet Retailer. David Zucker, chief marketing ofcer, Gilt Groupe Inc. Gilt reaches out shoppers reviewing materials for one foreign language will often switch to another language program if presented with content about it, helping to reduce cart abandonment.

When shoppers search for a German program, then see an oer for French as well as German, they may switch to French, Li says. Analytics data can be especially powerful when it comes from more than one sales channel, such as bricks-and-mortar stores and a retailers web site.

Multichannel retailer hhgregg Inc. Women tend to buy stu for men, but we were under-performing, says Zucker, the chief marketing ocer. To turn that around, Gilt worked with customer analytics data compiled by Mu Sigma, the retailers analytics service provider, to build predictive models of women shoppers most likely to respond to pitches for mens products.

Mu Sigma combined such data as demographic proles of women known to purchase mens products www. Mu Sigma then helped to identify segments of shoppers most likely to respond to particular promotions. Women within certain age and income ranges, and from particular areas of the United States, for example, might be more likely than other women to shop for gifts such as mens cuinks.

Zucker adds that Gilt also knew from web site analytics data that many women shoppers do their impulse buying at noonwhich turned out to be a good time to present them with oers for mens products. Giacomazzi relies on constant and real-time updates of online shopping activity on her site that she can view through an analytics dashboard from Spring Metrics, a company that caters to small retailers. In addition to showing which Internet search terms visitors may have used to arrive at CastCoverz.

She can also see a visitors geographic location. It shows how much time spent on each page, and how the visitor went to sections on Legs, Boots, and About Us, but not to Arms.

By combining that kind of specic visitor information with broader aggregated visitor data, including conversion rates and sales, she says, CastCoverz learns about consumer interest in product mixes, and demand from dierent regions of the country. By monitoring how many visitors click the About Us section, she learns how many visitors want to know more about the company as well as its products.

The retailer also gathers customers e-mail addresses when they check out with Google Checkout, the only payment method oered on its site. That helps it track customers repeat activity. And it learns through social media and other communications with customers that many come back repeatedly to buy cast covers as gifts, such as when a friend or someone in their sons or daughters local high school suers a sports injury.

By combining such information with Spring Metrics data on how visitors arrive at its site and shop for products, CastCoverz can more eectively promote product combinations on its site and through targeted marketing campaigns, Giacomazzi says. For example, it may promote packages of products likely to sell in certain regions and during particular seasons, such as decorative and waterproof leg-cast covers promoted in winter e-mails to customers in northern areas, a customer segment that orders leg cast covers more often than consumers who live in less icy climes.

Its all about selling to customers when theyre ready to buy, Giacomazzi says. Thats what analytics can help retailers do, if theyve got the technology and expertise to bring their data to heel. CastCoverz, a small web-only retailer that sells decorative and waterproof covers for medical casts placed on broken arms and legs, has learned from its analytics applications that what it had thought of as a tiny niche is bigger than expected, and that consumers shop for these products in unanticipated ways.

When building this business I had expected it to be a lot of onetime sales, and that I wouldnt have a lot of repeat customersbut I was wrong, says Annette Giacomazzi, who launched CastCoverz. Analytics, she says, has enabled her to build customers interest in a variety of products and generate repeat orders, she says. Annette Giacomazzi, owner, CastCoverz: Its all about selling to customers when theyre ready to buy. The dashboard, which she pulls up on her computer screen daily, also continually updates the number of visitors to the site and sales conversion rates.

I can watch all this in real time, Giacomazzi says. Giacomazzi reads o details of a recent site visit: From Stamford, Conn. Each year, the barriers to enter the e-commerce marketplace for vendors gets signicantly lower and, therefore, so does the technology barrier to entry for retailers.

There are more vendors with more applications that are easier to use, cheaper to implement and contain more functionality than even 18 months ago. Open source software has become increasingly popular for smaller retailers. And while there is a tendency to think that open source means free, that is not the case. Nor is open source going to be an end-to-end solution to technology challenges. But open source does provide retailers with comprehensive and cost-eective options.

The challenge with open source is to be sure you either have the programming skills in-house or you choose a developer or systems integrator that can do the job. The prevalence of Software-asa-Service and cloud, or network, applications can lower or defray 20 Internet Retailer. Many options exist for retailers who want to go big by taking advantage of the capabilities of other storefronts, shopping channels or dropshippers. Not actually owning the software or hardware is now viewed as increasingly acceptable and less risky, from senior managements perspective.

It may even be viewed as the more desirable option. Online merchants today seldom need to develop, buy or host the software, especially since almost every e-commerce technology, including complex back-end systems, can now be obtained as SaaS.

More and more, smaller retailers are looking for end-to-end e-commerce systems. They are viewing their business more holistically and often, more as multichannel. The more frontto-back functionality that an application can provide, the easier the integration and, usually, the more cost-eective. For example, e-commerce platforms with order management system capabilities are becoming standard requirements. In other cases, retailers are looking for vendors that oer technology, fulllment and customer service in one.

The market drives innovation Since the number and variety of e-commerce and multichannel businesses is also expanding, more vendors are innovating and www. Our numbers speak for themselves.

Ai is committed to transactional intelligence. That means planning, designing and developing ecommerce solutions that deliver big results. Visit us online to learn more: www. One could always sell anything online, of course. But now, more vendors have tools for retailers of specialty verticals such as subscriptions and continuity programs, sharing, and others. E-commerces rapid growth and increasing importance to the bottom line are making it cost-eective for vendors to include more and more features and functionality in their out of the box applications, making these applications available to smaller retailers within their price range.

As the needs of the big players become the norm, they become standards for smaller merchants, and that demand allows for vendors to invest in turning those features into commodities. Many aordable applications now contain the tools a small or medium-size retailer needs, right out of the boxsuch as search engine optimization capabilities, advanced search, guided navigation and rich imaging.

Also available is functionality that includes more robust merchandising, promotions, and basic personalization, account management, order management and improved reporting. Even better, retailers are taking advantage of out-of-the-box integrations with popular third-party vendors from marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay to social sites like Facebook to tools such as analytics and ratings and reviews.

Exploring other alternatives Many options exist for retailers who want to go big by taking advantage of the capabilities of other storefronts, shopping channels or dropshippers. Amazon and eBay have always been available as partners for smaller merchants. If auction sites are losing their popularity, there are more online shopping malls for retailers of all types and sizes.

The dierence in the costs of doing it yourself vs. Many retailers now work with dropshippers, rather than purchasing inventory and fullling orders themselves. This gives them more product options and requires less of an investment, in part because there are no warehousing costs or pick, pack and ship sta needed. Of course, the downside is you lose control. Finding the right partner is imperative. Having an international presence is more accessible to smaller merchants now.

Before, they were limited to using the postal service. Now, as shipping internationally becomes more common, there are vendors that enable retailers to ship without having to know and deal with all the rules of international shipping, or deal with internal technical integrations. Today, there is a good deal of competitive intelligence that was www.

You cant afford to have your hardwon business collapse if your webmaster gets hit by a bus. Cross-train, communicate, dene your standard operating proceduresand have a Plan B in case Plan A zzles. Know your competition. Dont necessarily compare yourself against Target or Saks. Find the other smaller merchants that would appeal to your customer. Dene your voice. Having a voice is an smaller merchant advantage.

Dont let it go to waste. Look at Woot or ThinkGeek. They arent small and independent anymore, but their personalities shine throughout their site. They take a conversational tone in product descriptions, FAQs and e-mails.

This can help create a loyal following. Find your niche. You cant be all things to all customers. If youre selling T-shirts, curate your products to reect your image. If youre selling home goods, sell the ones that map to your customer base. Turn small into an advantage. Take advantage of accessible technology; react quickly to changes in the marketplace. Focus on your business needs before your technology. While very important in achieving your goals, dont put the technology cart before the business horse until you know what you need.

Best in class might be more than you need. Be realistic when assessing your needs and your limitations, and nd an application that ts where you are now and where you want to be over the next few years. Tempting as it may seem, dont necessarily go for a Cadillac application when a Ford will do the trick.

Keep it simple. Dont over-design or over-engineer. Prepare for reasonable contingencies but dont try to prepare for everything. Complicated systems are hard to implement and hard to maintain. Things change at the speed of light. A year plan will be useless in three years, unless the plan for year two is: reassess the year plan. Plan your multichannel needs for three years out. Then revisit. Multichannel success requires people, not just technology.

Technology is a necessary tool but it is only as good as the people using it. Be sure that you are continuously evaluating, developing and enhancing your team. There is a wealthor maybe a delugeof information available to anyone who bothers to look for it, and a lot of it is free. Whitepapers, webinars, articles on the Internet, along with tradeshows and conferences, all provide the data and knowledge to everyone, regardless of the size of their company.

Government web sites, such as the U. E-commerce marketplace data-gathering companies such as Hitwise, comScore and Google Trends can provide insightful information, enabling merchants to compare themselves against companies in their vertical and those that are of comparable size.

The key to real success is translating all that data into actions that match your business strategy. They understand how to buy keywords on Google and do so with abandon. SEO is more of a challenge, which requires the comprehensive and ongoing eort to embed keywords into all aspects of the web site. Some of this is a technology issue, some of it is having the right people and right number of them to do the work, analyze the results, test and repeat. Also, smaller merchants tend not to focus on customer retention and increasing the average order value.

Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to people who are jacks of all trades but masters of none. Basic skills can take a merchant part of the way down the road to success but more expertise is needed to take reach the destination. Customer service is a critical function that is hard to do well. Its costly and most smaller merchants cant aord the comprehensive, high-quality customer service that a larger competitor can. For example, Bed Bath and Beyond will send a return authorization with every order; Newegg will do so for selected orders those with high return rates ; most smaller retailers cannot aord to do either.

Sometimes, the desire to squeeze every dollar out of a sale and to give the minimum amount back results in unfortunate policies that smaller merchants could avoid, including charging a restocking fee and forcing customers to go to the manufacturer with a return after 15 days. These can hurt customer retention. Performing customer service inhouse provides the opportunity to have a more personalized service, to keep a stores personality, and to better resolve any issues based of sta expertise.

Also, it is a great opportunity to up-sell. But handling returns makes it more dicult, logistically. Live chat is becoming increasingly popular with smaller merchants but most of the bigger retailers seem to shy away from it.

Perhaps they have invested so much in an eective customer service function that they dont feel live chat is a worthwhile or necessary tool. Live chat is a helpful tool, but can be expensive if deployed across the whole site and can be annoying to shoppers if it is too intrusive. Create appropriate rules that will initiate chat if a customer is abandoning their cart or they are stuck in Internet Retailer Challenges for the smaller merchants So, while new, cheaper technologies are providing advantages to the smaller merchants that didnt exist previously, there are still challenges.

The sophistication of online shoppers results in their expectation of the same quality user experience, regardless on the size of the merchant. After all, the beauty and the curse of the web is that a small business can appear to be a big one. Therefore, the customer will not accept a sub-par shopping experience, from the usability and design of the site to the ease and reliability of delivery.

Smaller retailers understand the importance of customer acquisition and spend a lot of money on search www. They worry more about getting the rst customer and compete on price for that customer and dont focus on creating loyal customers. Often, they dont maximize their use of e-mail marketing, which is a very costeective tool with high ROI.

Improving loyalty can be laborintensive and smaller merchants often dont have people with the bandwidth or perhaps skills for this. More eective merchandising, appropriate upsells and cross-sells, promotional strategies, database segmentation, the right e-mail marketing, analysis of demographics, and how to market to them all require honed skills.

Smaller merchants often have employees. And give the customer the option to initiate chat at any time. Insight into inventory is another challenge for most smaller merchants. Their real-time knowledge of their inventory can range from non-existent to not optimal. The smaller the business, the harder it is to have current information on inventory, and often it is a manual process. This is not only an ordering problem but it almost always becomes a customer service problem. Often, the main problem is lack of communication between the front end and the back end.

Another potentially daunting aspect of e-commerce for a smaller merchant is the increasingly complex legal environment of doing business on the web. Dierent states not to mention dierent countries For example, its quick and easy to leverage social media. Sometimes, smaller merchants can do this better than large companies because they are not so restricted in determining their voice.

There is no corporate image to contend with, no large committee of stakeholders to approve every action and no legal department to sign o. The CEO can just decide and do.

Technology, security and legality Smaller merchants also tend not to pay enough attention to their current technologywhether homegrown or purchased. By not keeping up with technology developments and upgrades, merchants systems quickly achieve legacy status, leading to bigger technology investments in the future in order to compete with their peers. A common failure for smaller merchants is scalability.

While their technology can handle their business most of the year without incident, any sudden spike Christmas, the Oprah eect can render their system inoperable and often unable to quickly recover. Another danger of using dated technology is not being up to date with security. Unfortunately, hackers and viruses are up to date, so its imperative that small online merchants provide the same quality of security as any big company.

While big companies have certainly had their own security problems, they understand that it is their responsibility to address security. Sometimes, smaller merchant businesses do not focus on it as much as they should. Often, security tools are included 24 Internet Retailer. By their nature smaller and more nimble merchants can react more quickly to new trends in the e-commerce world. What is PCI-compliance? How to handle customs issues?

In some ways, it is even tougher for the smaller merchants because they dont have legal and tax departments dedicated to guring all this out to their best advantage. Smaller merchants also can get mobile quickly. From mobile marketing to a mobile app to a mobile web site, there are quick and relatively inexpensive options for getting in the game and competing with the big stores.

There also is strength in numbers and retailers can join forces with other smaller companies. There are sites like Etsy that create a common marketplace for companies with niche products. And there are aliate marketing programs that can help you expand your reach for a fee. Other marketplaces for getting products to the consumers include Amazon and Buy.

Given all these options, the temptation might be for an smaller merchant to overestimate the opportunity and the revenue potential of e-commerce growth, and to underestimate the amount of preparation, work and money required. It is important for you to understand what your strategy is, dene your objectives, determine your requirements and create your plan.

Then execute. The advantages of being small Given the availability of stateof-the-art technology, it does not take that much for someone with ambition and an idea to create a viable e-commerce business. Many providers have tools that enable small retailers to get an e-commerce site up in days, making it hard for shoppers to tell if a merchant is a mom-and-pop business or a bigger player.

All were built for success by americaneagle. And in recent years, as Internet connections have gotten faster, and more online activities compete for their time and attention, their expectations for a smooth and speedy experience on your web site have grown. Yet to compete for their mindshare and loyaltyand their dollars youve taken steps to make your web.

But all of this comes at a price it slows down your web site. And that can have serious implications. Also, when your site suers latency, or page-loading delays, due to the number of marketing campaign tags, it can cause friction with your information technology department, which is often charged with improving your sites performance. They point the nger at you for causing all the slow-downs, and you get frustrated by their inability to make improvements. Maybe theyve even gone so far as to set limits on what campaigns you can.

Youve probably also implemented a number of online campaigns to increase awareness of your brand and deliver a more personalized experience. And with each of those campaigns comes 26 Internet Retailer. Furthermore, Google factors web site speed into its ranking algorithm, so a slow-loading site will suer lower ranking in web searches.

The reasons most site owners and marketers havent taken adequate measures may include a decit of time and resources, and budget constraints that prevent them from purchasing tools and technologies. A general lack of understanding about what corrective measures to take is also a contributor. If the scenario above sounds at all familiar, then keep reading. This article is intended to shed some light on how to address latency, by oering advice on how best to measure site performance and providing some practical steps you can take to improve the speed of your site.

If so, you can work with your web designer to overcome some of those problems. How about dierent connection speeds? Does a signicant portion of your customers live in areas where high-speed broadband connectivity is still limited? If so you might want to tailor your site to themunless they represent only a small portion of your customer base.

Where your visitors are. Are your visitors in your backyard, or across the country? Or even overseas? You should use testing services that will show site performance for various access nodes and paths, so you can tell if your site performs well for local trac but is quite a bit slower for trac coming from other, far-o places.

This might indicate that you need to have platform servers in other locations to accommodate those visitors. Peak and off-peak trafc times. What are the variations in trac load that your site can accommodate, and when are you more likely to see peak trac numbers? If you can pinpoint certain times of day, or even specic dates when trac volumes spike, you can enact temporary adjustments to improve performance during those times while keeping your site intact during other, less busy periods.

Look beyond the home page. Dierent features and functionalities will load on dierent pages of your site, so dont assume that the way your home page loads is a good representation of your whole site. You need to evaluate dierent pages separately, and consider any applications that might be slowing particular pages down, such as user reviews on product pages or too many images on search results pages.