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I have checked the Change Working Time and it is set for 8 hours per day. There are no exceptions listed and I have auto calculate as ON. I have to submit a document 30 calendar days after an event and it is coming up short in the schedule. Change Working time – what are your work times? The default is , Have you changed that? Either put the appropriate task calendar on the successor task or use elapsed days for your lag e. In your case the latter is simpler.

However the former is the only way to do it if you needed something different such as the lag calculated against a 6-days-a-week calendar. You want a task 30 calender days after a milestone. This is completely something other than working days or calendar. A good example would be “you have to wait for 2 days for a wall to dry before doing anyting else to it”. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Stack Overflow for Teams — Start collaborating and sharing organizational knowledge. Create a free Team Why Teams? This means that every day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday, is seen as a working day and therefore is used to work toward project task completion.

There are however ways in which the project calendar can be changed to suit a project undertaking work 7-days a week. The use of Microsoft Project click for more guides is therefore appropriate for projects with both types of calendar. It is simply a matter of understanding how the project calendar can be changed. Below I have outlined the steps required to set up a 7-day working calendar within Project, including illustrative images in order to assist you. Press OK. Step It is also important to ensure the project timescale is working to the correct calendar.

It may be the case that it is not necessary for your entire project to use calendar days but instead requires the usual weekday schedule with the addition of specific tasks taking place over the weekend. This is a common requirement of projects and therefore it is important to know how to use Project to reflect this.

In the Label list, pick the label format for the selected time units. Quick ways to zoom the timescale Try this Where is it? Zoom Slider The zoom slider appears near the bottom of the Project window. Top of Page Change the timescale in the Calendar view Right-click in the Calendar view, and then click Timescale in the menu that appears. Notes: To change the appearance of working and nonworking days in the Calendar view, right-click anywhere in the Calendar view, and then click Timescale in the menu that appears.

These instructions are specific to Microsoft Project Change the timescale in any timephased view On the View menu, select a view that uses a timescale, such as the Gantt Chart, Task Usage, or Resource Graph view. Change the timescale in the Calendar view On the View menu , click Calendar. Click the Date Boxes tab.

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Jun 23,  · 9. Go to Project/Properties/Project Information. Set the Project Calendar to your new 7 day week calendar. All tasks will now be scheduled based on a 7 day workweek. If you also want your resources to follow that same calendar, you will need to set the Base Calendar of each resource to the 7 day workweek. Jul 31,  · From the Top Menu >> Project / Change Working Time: I created a new Calendar and named it “7Days”. I selected “Create New Base Calendar” when creating the “7Days” Calendar. I selected the “Work Weeks” Tab on the calendar and then the “Details “Tab. However at this point, I do not see a method to set all Saturdays and Sundays to work. Oct 24,  · Change the “Work is entered in” value to Days. 3. Click the Set as Default button. 4. Click the OK button. 5. Save and close the project. 6. Repeat this process for every project.