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Development Platform Support 2. Integrated Development Environment. Visualize solutions with Dependency Graphs and Code Maps. Advanced Debugging and Diagnostics. Microsoft Fakes Unit Test Isolation. Remoted iOS Simulator for Windows. Share code between Android and iOS with Xamarin.

Collaboration Tools and Features. Team Explorer third-party development tools support. GitHub Packages. Pre-Sales and Purchase Benefits and licensing Billing and renewals. Pre-sales and Purchase. Check out this doc for a more detailed understanding of the differences. How do I purchase Visual Studio subscriptions for a business? Depending on the size of your business, there are different agreements and licensing types that are available.

You can purchase directly from the Visual Studio Marketplace. You can also purchase through Microsoft Volume Licensing for commercial licensing agreements or a Solution Partner.

How do I purchase a Visual Studio subscription for myself? As an individual, you have a few options depending on your needs. You can purchase a monthly subscription from the Visual Studio Marketplace if you just need access to the IDE and want the flexibility of a monthly subscription. Monthly subscriptions are billed each month and provide billing flexibility. Do you offer discounts for start-ups? I am looking for Test Professional. Check out the pricing details page for information on standard subscriptions for Visual Studio Test Professional.

I am looking for Visual Studio standalone. Check out the pricing details page for information on Visual Studio Professional standalone license. There are a lot of subscription options with different features, benefits and included downloads. Which one is the right for me? Take a look at the comparison charts to see the options available with each subscription level to determine which subscription meets your needs.

Can I still use Express? Yes, but we recommend using our latest Visual Studio instead. Have you tried the free Visual Studio Community? Benefits and licensing. I purchased a subscription. Where do I go to find my benefits and get started? Where can I find more information about which benefits are included with Visual Studio subscriptions?

Available benefits vary by subscription level and are subject to change. To see which benefits are included for each subscription level, please visit the benefits webpage. What software downloads are available in Visual Studio subscriptions? Download the Microsoft Excel file for a comprehensive list of the downloads included with different subscription levels.

What are the licensing terms for Visual Studio subscriptions? For a complete document containing the licensing terms for Visual Studio subscriptions, download the white paper. How can I get access to older versions of Visual Studio? If you purchase a Visual Studio subscription, both current and old versions of Visual Studio are available.

To see the exact versions available for various subscription levels, download the complete list of software. For access to previous versions of Visual Studio Community you can go here. Are new VS versions included in a subscription? Can I use VS Community? Any individual can sign up for Visual Studio Community to create their own free or paid apps. There are restrictions for organizations that wish to use Visual Studio Community. For more information, visit the Visual Studio Community page.

Which subscription grants me access to Azure DevOps? It has been specifically designed to help you experience the best services and state-of-the-art features.

The Visual Studio Community is open, whereas the professional edition is not accessible. The community can be used by developers or a smaller team of at least five individuals.

But there are few limitations to the professional edition. It can also be used by a group of 5 to 25 developers. Another important distinction is that the professional version supports the business, while the visual studio community does not. The predominant distinction between community edition and professional edition is a widely renowned feature known as CodeLens.

There are a plethora of significant benefits that are offered by CodeLens, such as the users can easily determine code changes along with other pertinent histories. One more important point that has to be addressed here is that the difference between them shrinks considerably. However, when you are supposed to be working in a large team, only then is the difference relevant. These could be automated unit tests or collaboration tools.

Individual developers or even small teams incorporate the community edition for the purpose of commercial development. Now, this small group might involve five. Visual Studio Enterprise is for major corporations that get more sales and earnings per year. NDepend Improve your. NET code quality with NDepend. Instead, it comes in several shapes and sizes. Which one should you pick? What are the features that matter for your use case?

Wishing your edition of Visual Studio had full architecture tooling support? Carlos Schults. Contributing Author. Share this: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn. Make your. NET code beautiful with NDepend Measure quality with metrics, generate diagrams and enforce decisions with code rules, right in Visual Studio. Download the 14 day trial now. Comments: This article is short but straight to the point.


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To continue downloading, click here. For information about Subscriber benefits, you may visit the Subscriptions page Looking to compare Visual Studio subscriptions? Includes Tier Interaction Profiling. Visual Studio Community Free, fully-featured IDE for students, open-source and individual developers Learn more. Free download. Visual Studio Professional Web Installer. Visual Studio and Other Products. Isolated and Integrated Shells.

Other Tools, Frameworks, and Redistributables. ARM x64 x Lightweight and modular installation. Craft your ideal development environment. Powerful coding tools. Write code, navigate, and fix issues. Learn more about editing with Visual Studio.

Advanced debugging. Debug, profile, and diagnose. Learn more about debugging. Device apps. Download a free trial of NDepend and check out all of the architecture visualization you can get without needing to upgrade your VS edition.

To understand the differences between the professional and enterprise editions of Visual Studio, you must first keep in mind that Microsoft offers the IDE in a tiered fashion. Visual Studio Enterprise has a particular focus on software architects so this edition obviously has several features related to software architecture.

You could integrate said validation in your build process, for instance. In the latest version, this feature was also improved to offer live dependency validation. Code duplication is one of the worst problems in a code base. Visual Studio Enterprise can help developers and architects out there deal with this problem with a convenient feature: code clones analysis.

With this feature, Visual Studio can localize possible code duplicates so that you can eliminate them. Developers spend a considerable amount of time in the debugger. The first feature here is IntelliTrace. For individuals we recommend our free tools. Visual Studio Community. Learn more. Free download. Visual Studio for Mac. Visual Studio Code. Free download Windows x64 User Installer.

Linux x Need a subscription with development tools and more? Part of the developer cloud from Microsoft. The productive cloud that integrates with your tools. Increase collaboration with your teams and the open-source community.

Professional subscription. Enterprise subscription. Purchase from Cloud Solution Provider. Explore licensing options. Call your account manager or contact your regional Microsoft office to upgrade to Visual Studio subscriptions with GitHub Enterprise.

Compare subscriptions. Full feature comparison of IDEs. Visual Studio. Professional monthly. Enterprise monthly. Professional standard. Enterprise standard. Earlier version for PC download the full list.

Integrated Development Environment. Live Dependency Validation. One-Click Web Deployment. Code Map. Code Clone. Testing tools. Live Unit Testing. Microsoft Fakes Unit Test Isolation. Unit Testing.