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Each Microsoft Teams Rooms device requires a dedicated and unique resource account that must be enabled for both Microsoft Teams or Skype for. To create a room, login to the Microsoft admin center and navigate to Resources -> Rooms & equipment. You may need to click Show all in the. To create a room, login to the Microsoft admin center and navigate to Resources -> Rooms & equipment. You may need to click Show all in the.

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replace.me › Docs › Microsoft Teams Rooms › Deploy. Each Microsoft Teams Rooms device requires a dedicated and unique resource account that must be enabled for both Microsoft Teams or Skype for.


Creating Microsoft Teams Rooms Accounts : Jeff Schertz’s Blog – Connect people across the hybrid workplace

replace.me › Docs › Microsoft Teams Rooms › Deploy. Each Microsoft Teams Rooms device requires a dedicated and unique resource account that must be enabled for both Microsoft Teams or Skype for.


Creating Microsoft Teams Rooms Accounts : Jeff Schertz’s Blog – Session Resources


Thanks so much for the walkthrough. Everything seems to be working but when using the Skype Teams Room Console, it keeps dropping down a banner saying it cannot fetch calendar! Any suggestions? Just a little background: All of my Office services are in the cloud and I have no local skype or Exchange server. I have disabled Basic Authentication for all users so everything is using Modern Authentication.

The surface pro is logging into Azure AD using the same account as the room mailbox. I just downloaded the Skype Room app from the windows store. Like I said I can make calls and create new meetings on the fly.

I just seem to not be able to connect to the calendar. Modern Authentication support has not yet been added to the Microsoft Teams Room platform, so that is likely what is causing your Exchange connectivity issues. Thanks for the awesome help on the setting up of the Teams Rooms. But not we have random issue , units showing same error message intermittent , sometimes it goes away upon device restart. We have worked with Microsoft for over a month now, but no resolution yet. Some suspicion on Auto discovery but it was very hard to pinpoint the issue.

Hi, great article! For policy reasons we have to enable multi factor auth for all Office accounts. How can we manage this requirement for a Teams Rooms Account? As you know the interface has no options to manage this. Do you know if is there a way to have the access for the Teams Rooms Account with multi factor authentication enabled from the Teams Rooms decide?

My set up is the same as the one documented, great article, but i always end up in the same situation. I am struggling to join a Teams call directly from the Realpresence Touch tablet. Sounds like the Group Series is not configured correctly and is dialing either the wrong string or is using the wrong protocol. Is it possible to create a virtual room without a device to be booked? If there is no device in the room then you just use a standard Room Mailbox for reservation purposes.

The dial string when join button is pressed is tenantkey. The Teams Meeting -button dials correctly to the tenant and asks for the conference id. Make sure the Trio is running the latest 5. Hi Jeff, Followed this article and it saved us with our hybrid enabling of a room account — thank you so much! Audio Conferencing licenses are for individual user accounts who schedule meetings. Would like check with you, if enable modern authentication on Skype for business online, do we need configure on third party device also like Logitech Tap, Lenovo Hub…..

Modern Authentication support was recently added to the MTR in release 4. Your guides and info have been a life saving this past year during our Teams Calling migrations. Would you know what could be causing this and what I would need to do.

So nothing activates. Typically that warning is telling you that the issued cmdlet is trying to apply a setting which is already set that way. I have some huge and expensive Skype Room systems that does not seem to be upgradeable unfortunately. What solution can I use for these systems? External dock I guess could work, but we have a bit of a shortage of money at the moment.

Can I use the ordinary Microsoft Teams client on these systems and if so, any suggestions on how to make that user friendly? Hi Jeff! Great article! Thank you! I have a question about licensing for Teams Meeting Room.

This license is cheaper than the Teams Meeting Room license. Thanks for your help! The latest 4. I believe the process is the same although some of the PowerShell cmdlets may slightly differ between what is run against Exchange Online versus what is used with Exchange Server. Hi Jeff Some great info here. We had a pre existing Room mailbox that we used on polycomm devices for SfB. We purchased a Logitech Tap teams room system and setup that preexisting Room mailbox onto the teams room device, but found that the sign in just kept spinning — though the mailbox name was listed — so Exchange login fine — it was purely the Teams login that was failing.

I then assumed it was as an issue with the account so created a new mailbox, converted to a rooms mailbox via powershell after replication into O and then ran the powershell commands to add it to the registrar pool etc etc.

However I am still getting the same issue as before. I noted that the teams app is at version 4. Is there a method to get the latest version automatically?

That 4. If you leave the system running overnight it should be upgrading to the latest release currently 4. Hi Jeff That seemed to do the trick — I manually forced an update to Win10 iOT and that seems to updated the app as well. Could you confirm if the Teams Room app updates are linked to the system or whether the app has a separate update cycle? You cannot force an update of the MTR client through any Windows Update process, the system will automatically check for a client update from the Microsoft Store every night during its scheduled maintenance tasks which kick off around 2AM.

The teams part work but not the SFB on premise says the credentials are invalid from the MTR I can ping lyncdiscover and lyncdiscoverinternal.

The license must be added to a properly configured account, adding a license does not perform that action. Great write up and help with getting this up and running. For 23 hours, i could not invite anyone from the logitech TAP.

Like magic, after 24 hours, all users in my directory were found and I was able to invite them. Interesting enough, the only issue I have now is that the meetings do not show up on the TAP. If I logon to the teams account at teams. Hi Jeff, I am following the steps in this article and my PS is throwing an error when running the New-Mailbox commands.

See below for command and output. Any ideas? I have not been able to find anything online to help me resolve this. Error details: The socket connection was aborted. This could be caused by an error processing your message or a receive timeout being exceeded by the remote host, or an underlying network resource issue.

Maybe you can help me with this,I just inherited some Logitech group hub with MS Surface and they are working very good, but they are based on skype for business and we are going to move to Microsoft Teams.

Any documentation on how to move from Skype to Microsoft Teams? Otherwise you may just have a home-grown Windows-based meeting room kit that someone built and is not a Microsoft-supported solution. The system works just fine with scheduled Teams meetings.

When we try to use scheduled SfB meetings, the system fails to connect if the meeting was added to the calendar after the system has been restarted. SfB meetings that already was in the calendar when the system was restarted works just fine. Do you have any clue why the system behave like this? Best regards Magnus.

Sure, any mailbox can be hidden from the Exchange Global Address List. Hello Jeff, thank you so much for this article. I have just a question. Do you know how should I proceed?

Should I just migrate the Room Mailbox to the new tenant and adjust the configs in the Device? Either way all you need to change on a Microsoft Teams Room on Windows MTRoW device is the account credentials it is signing in with, assuming it is not domain-joined. Hi Jeff. I deployed several rooms systems and all seems to work fine, but… I was asked a question why teams user cannot open peer-to-peer session with the room account.

Is it possible I have done something wrong which caused that user do not have video call and audio call buttons visible in Teams client when user search for the room account, finds the account, and then want to place a video call to the room account? Any native Teams device will support peer calls as well as joining meetings regardless of whether the sign-in account is configured as a resource or standard user. You can use the Private Meeting flag on the Outlook meeting invitation to hide that detail, but not all devices currently respect that flag.

Thanks very much for that Jeff. Have a customer who needs it now…. Thank you for the continued updates to all things MTR. A remote participant was wanting to join in via dial-in number, but they were unable to invite him based on his phone number.

My question is — is there a configuration setting that will allow the use of Audio Conferencing no matter who booked the meeting? Otherwise having the Domestic Calling Plan on these devices seems very trivial. This is not a configuration option but instead is directly related to licensing.

If the organizer of a meeting does not have an Audio Conferencing license then there is no way to provide TSM dial- IN to that meeting. Alternatively other Teams participants in that meeting who do have an Audio Conferencing license could have also have invited the PSTN participant directly by adding them to the meeting via their phone number.

Correct, as long as the person performing the action of adding a PSTN participant to the meeting has an Audio Conferencing license. Thanks for this most helpful site. I am new to this — not got the hardware yet but for the licensing and user login:. How does a real user access potentially protected content on the meeting room device? Do they in fact log in to their own account so their rights are carried over?

Then when they logout does the device reconnect automatically with the room account? The room system can only see content shared in real-time and does not have access to content stored in places like SharePoint or a Teams channel.

This document mostly focused on creating account in cloud, we have scenario were AD accounts are created in onprem and sync to cloud with ADFS enabled. We enabled room mailbox in onprem server migrated to cloud, AD account enabled set password never expired in onprem, enabled Teams Room License.

We are able to access the account on the network through browser or think client, but when we login on Poly or Logitech MTR devices, the sign in just spinning forever, but we can able to see the exchange calendar items, however Teams is not signed in.

Accounts synchronized into Azure AD should behave no differently than those created in the cloud. Depending on which product s you are referring to this could be a recent bug in one of the Teams clients.

One of those issues has been resolved with the Update 1A releases for phones and Android Teams Rooms, while another is still pending a fix. Hi Jeff!! Thank you very much for your article!! Make sure that the user accounts are correctly synchronized to Azure AD. Hi Jeff I followed these commands got everything setup.

When we go to book a room, the invite doesnt send any meeting info. No teams link.. Any ideas?? Make sure that the account you are using to create the meeting invitation is licensed for Microsoft Teams as well as Audio Conferencing for the PSTN dial-in information. There are also some articles which cover the configuration for mailboxes for use […].

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Tom Pratt says:. September 4, at pm. Connect to Exchange Online PowerShell. In Exchange Online PowerShell, create a new room mailbox or modify an existing room mailbox. By default, room mailboxes don’t have associated accounts, so you’ll need to add an account when you create or modify a room mailbox that allows it to authenticate with Skype Room Systems v2.

Note that the account will be Rigel2 contoso. For detailed syntax and parameter information, see New-Mailbox and Set-Mailbox. In Exchange Online PowerShell, configure the following settings on the room mailbox to improve the meeting experience:.

AdditionalResponse: “This is a Skype Meeting room! For detailed syntax and parameter information, see Set-CalendarProcessing. Azure Active Directory PowerShell 2. If the password is not set to Never Expire, the account will no longer sign in on the device when the account reaches the expiry period. The password will then need to be changed for the account and also updated locally on the MTR device.

The device account needs to have a valid Microsoft or Office license, or Exchange and Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business will not work. If you have the license, you need to assign a usage location to your device account—this determines what license SKUs are available for your account.

Next, you can add a license using the Set-MsolUserLicense cmdlet. This example adds the Meeting Room license to the account:. For detailed instructions, see Assign licenses to user accounts with Office PowerShell.

You can also add Phone System capabilities to this account, but you have to configure it first. See What is Phone System? Next, you need to enable the device account with Skype for Business. Be sure your environment meets the requirements defined in Microsoft Teams Rooms requirements.