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To enhance the value of the high quality products and services we supply with support services that together contribute to the success of our customers, their clients and ourselves.  We strive for excellence and integrity in the conduct of our business. 


We aim to maintain our position as leading advisor to the oil & gas sector by continuously developing strategic thought leadership and practical strategies that help our firms’ clients meet their challenges and demonstrate a high level of social and ecological responsibility and providing it’s clients with up to date services.our understanding and demands and challenges oil and gas companies face enables our firms to develop services, methodologies and original thinking that specifically address the needs of this sector, we all look at the industry challenges from multiple angles, pooling our knowledge and resources to develop holistic services that are designed to fit our firms’ clients’ ever-changing requirements.


  • K-Tech is a fully equipped Oil Spill Response company capable of offering up to Tier 2 response, and, with our trained and experienced emergency response crews, we are in compliance with US Coastguard requirements for an Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO). ​
  • In addition to emergency response services, we offer clients in the maritime commercial and leisure industries, risk assessment services to advise and assist in the determination of appropriate equipment types, stock levels and response measures necessary to protect the environment at, and adjacent to, their facilities and installations.​
  • We are also the exclusive agents for well known and international companies capable of offering a range of custom built oil spill response equipment including oil containment booms, oil recovery skimmer systems, beach cleaning systems, floating and land based recovered oil storage.​
  • The goal of K-Tech is to help safeguard the environment by providing a network of complimentary marine oriented services applied with the highest professional standards and business ethics. ​

Kuwait Oil & Gas Highlights​

Kuwait currently has oil reserves of 105 billion barrels, about 9% of total world reserves. The Neutral Zone area shared with Saudi Arabia, holds an additional 25 billion barrels of reserves, half belonging to Kuwait. Most of Kuwait’s oil reserves are located in the estimated 70-billion barrel Greater Burgan area.​

Currently Kuwait is producing:​

  •   2.9 MBOPD and target 4.0 MBOPD in 2020​
  •   4.0 billion cubic feet of free gas per day by 2030. 

Kuwait’s Reserves and wells​

Kuwait Oil Company:​

  • KOC, the national oil company of Kuwait, handles and maintains a comprehensive and fully integrated system of production and export facilities, currently capable of producing 3.052 MBOPD.​


Joint Operations:​

  • JO, a joint venture between Kuwait Gulf Oil Company & Saudi Arabian Chevron at Wafra Oil Field which operates in Partitioned Neutralized Zone of Saudi Arabia & Kuwait.​

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Kuwait Oil Company

subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, KPC


KOC, the national oil company of Kuwait, responsible for the Exploration and Production of Oil and Gas in the State of Kuwait.​

It is a subsidiary of the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, a Government-owned holding company.​

The Company activities include exploration operations, on-shore surveys, drilling of test wells, and developing of producing fields in addition to crude and natural gas exploration.​

Joint Operations​ a joint venture between Kuwait Gulf Oil Company & Saudi Arabian Chevron , KGOC & SAC​


JO, a joint venture between Kuwait Gulf Oil Company & Saudi Arabian Chevron at Wafra Oil Field which operates in Partitioned Neutralized Zone of Saudi Arabia & Kuwait.​

The senior management of KGOC & SAC has decided to temporary shutdown the production from WJO fields starting May 2015 till date.​

Kuwait’s Drilling & Workover Rigs Count​

Rising production targets and the increasing complexity of well requirements are the key drivers of rig demand over the upcoming years.​